The system info tab exists to give you a quick way to verify critical system info regarding your hosting environment, WordPress configuration, and other helpful information.

System Info

Give Tools: System Info Tab

Not only does this give you a birds-eye view of your configuration, it also provides helpful context for developers seeking to track down an incompatibility in your system.

The System info is not designed to change system info, but to report it. The large uneditable text field is a way for you to see various information about your site, and how it is set up.

Much of this is developer-speak, and you aren’t expected to know what it means.

One important highlight, though: your web host’s PHP version can be found under the “Webserver Configuration” heading. It matters what version of PHP you are running, and staying up to date will greatly reduce your time dealing with incompatibilities on your site, as well as support requests. Here’s a more in-depth article about that.

The best use of this page is in sending these technical details about your site to support developers who are helping with your site.

The “Get System Info” button auto-highlights the content of the your system info for easy copy-pasting into a support request. It’s incredibly valuable to add that information to every support request you send, as it gives the developers significant and useful information about your setup.

PHP Requirements in Give

Give Add-on Minimum Requirements
Give Add-on Minimum Requirements

Give Core currently supports PHP version 5.3 and higher. But occasionally newer versions of PHP are necessary to run a premium Add-on. We make sure to make minimum requirements known on each individual product page, so you know in advance whether you need to upgrade your PHP version or not for a certain Addon.

For example, if you go to our Recurring Donations Add-on page, you’ll see this in the sidebar, showing that it requires PHP version 5.3+, Give Core 1.3.5+, and WordPress version 4.2+

Make sure to review all Give minimum requirements here.