The Excerpt is an optional summary or description of a donation form; in short, a summary as to why the user should donate to your cause. Give leverages WordPress’ Core feature, called excerpts, which typically are used to describe a post.


Potential Use Cases for the Excerpt

Theme authors and developers can take advantage of the excerpt field within their layouts and designs. Here are a few potential use case:

  1. A Donation “Central” Page – Similar to a WooCommerce “Shop” page, the central donation page would include a layout of the featured image, form title, and the form excerpt.
  2. A custom RSS feed for your donation forms
  3. Display more description in search results
  4. … and lots more.

Where Does the Excerpt Appear?

By default, Give does not output the excerpt on its own. However, your theme may in various places use it depending on how it has been developed. In the future, we may add more integrations for the excerpt within Give core.

Pro Tip: You can use the give_forms_supports filter to adjust what fields the the "give_forms" post type supports programmatically.

Disable the Form Excerpt Field

You may not have any use case for the form excerpt field and don’t want to see it in the admin interface. No problem!  You can safely ignore it or disable it under Give > Settings > Display Options > Post Types > Forms Excerpts:

Back end of the GiveWP plugin Settings page, section to disable the form excerpt
Disable the From Excerpt feature by selecting it in the Give Settings