PayPal Donations is the easiest way to accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Donations via a PayPal account. It comes included in the free GiveWP plugin, and is the recommended PayPal method for integrating with GiveWP.

Benefits of using PayPal Donations over PayPal Standard:

  1. If you’re new to GiveWP or already using PayPal Standard, it would be good to consider using PayPal Donations as it uses PayPal’s new API for the future. PayPal is deprecating the PayPal Standard gateway.
  2. There are no additional fees for PayPal Donations, even for Credit Card donations. You don’t need to switch to a specific account type, all PayPal account types are compatible with PayPal Donations.
  3. Unlike the PayPal Standard gateway, the PayPal Donations gateway does not take users off your site. It will take PayPal and Credit Card payments directly on the form. This is more user friendly and will more than likely lead to more conversions in donations. The current PayPal Standard gateway on the other hand, continues to redirect users away from your GiveWP form.

Connecting your PayPal account

To connect to Paypal Donations, navigate to Donations > Settings > Payment Gateways > PayPal On the “PayPal Donations” tab, select your country, and click the “Connect to PayPal” button.

screenshot of the settings page before PayPal is connected.
Connect to PayPal directly from within the GiveWP settings.

That opens a modal window to connect to PayPal. Enter your PayPal credentials, and that interface will walk you through either connecting your existing PayPal business account, or allow you to create a new one.

screenshot Showing the last step of the connection process in a modal overlaying the page. The call to action is to agree and connect.
Connection to PayPal is handled in a modal window that populates over the page.

Once you’ve connected, you are returned to your GiveWP settings page. There, a separate popup describing the PCI-DSS implications of using GiveWP and PayPal will appear. That information is also covered in GiveWP’s web documentation on PCI compliance.

That’s it! You’re connected and ready to accept donations from PayPal accounts, as well as credit cards entered on the site.

Donor Experience using PayPal Donations

The experience donors have with your forms and the PayPal Donations interface depends on the type of account that is connected.

For accounts that have enabled the ability to have hosted fields, donors see the fields directly on the form:

screenshot of a GiveWP form with both a yellow PayPal button and fields to enter a credit card
Some accounts have the ability to populate the forms directly on the page

For other accounts, donors will instead see two buttons, one for PayPal accounts and the other for entering Credit card information:

screenshot of the same form as above, but with two buttons, the yellow Paypal button and a black button that says "Debit or Credit Card"
For certain PayPal accounts, the black button allows the card information to be pre-populated on PayPal’s side.


No, there are no additional fees for PayPal Donations, even for Credit Card donations on the site.

Generally speaking, all PayPal accounts are compatible with GiveWP’s PayPal Donations integration. As long as Business accounts are an option in your country (this is the case for most countries where PayPal is an option), simply click the “Connect to PayPal” button, log in, and you’re all set!

Yes, PayPal Donations are fully compatible with the Recurring Donations add-on.
For Recurring Donations, at the time of this writing, only accounts in the US and Australia can use the hosted fields option for recurring forms.

Other countries will work, but with the Smart Buttons only. This happens automatically, without the need for you to do anything!

PayPal accounts that are connected to the PayPal Commerce Platform (and have the permissions set to display card fields directly on the page) are the accounts that will display the fields directly on the page.

All other types of accounts instead have the button that opens in a modal to accept cards. This is based on support for PPCP on a per-country basis, and is controlled by PayPal.