The free GiveWP plugin now supports the Stripe payment gateway. This article explains how to configure it and its features.

Activating the Stripe Gateway

Navigate to “Donations > Settings > Payment Gateways > Stripe.”

From there click on the “Connect” button to connect to your Stripe account.

The Connect button in the free GiveWP Stripe payment gateway.

From there, you can follow the prompts to either connect your existing Stripe account, or sign-up for a new account.

Connecting Stripe (free) and Your Webhook (required)

In order for donations to be marked as complete on your GiveWP site, you must configure the webhook at Stripe. On the settings page at “Donations > Settings > Payment Gateways > Stripe.” the webhook URL is pre-populated on the page. Copy that to your clipboard for later use.

Click the link in the paragraph just above the webhook URL or navigate to

On that page, click the “Add endpoint” button and paste in your webhook URL.

Add a Webhook Endpoint in your Stripe Dashboard.

In the box, select “receive all events.”

The “Add Webhooks” modal, showing where you can click “All events”


Note: It is recommended to send all events over the webhook so that if Give is updated in the future to use any events that it currently does not, those will send as well. Unless your site is processing thousands of donations per day or more, you should have no issue with sending all events, and you can ignore the warnings from Stripe.

In order to process test mode donations, you’ll need to repeat the same steps with Stripe’s dashboard toggled into test mode.

The free Stripe payment gateway includes an additional 2% fee for processing one-time donations. This fee is removed by using the premium Stripe add-on and never applies to subscription donations made through the Recurring Donations add-on.

Configuring Give (Free) Settings

Here’s an overview of the Stripe (Free) settings.

  • Stripe Connection: This is the button you use to connect Give with your Stripe account.
  • Stripe Webhooks: In order for Stripe to function properly, you must configure your Stripe webhooks.  You can visit your Stripe Account Dashboard to add a new webhook.  See our documentation for more information.  Stripe webhooks are important to setup so Give can communicate properly with the payment gateway. It is not required to have the sandbox webhooks setup unless you are testing. Note: webhooks cannot be setup on localhost or websites in maintenance mode.
  • Statement Descriptor: This is the text that appears on your donor’s bank statements and is typically the name of your website or organization.
  • Collect Billing Details: This option will enable the billing details section for Stripe which requires the donor’s address to complete the donation. These fields are not required by Stripe to process the transaction, but you may have the need to collect the data.
  • Credit Card Fields Format: This option will enable you to show single or multiple credit card fields on your donation form for Stripe Payment Gateway.
  • Enable Stripe Checkout:  This option will enable Stripe’s modal checkout where the donor will complete the donation rather than the default credit card fields on the page. Note: Apple and Google pay do not work with the modal checkout option.

Frequently Asked Questions

The free version of Stripe is different from the Premium add-on version in important ways. These FAQs help clarify those differences.


The premium Stripe add-on includes the following additional features:

  • No additional transactional fees are added (the free Stripe gateway adds 2% fee to all one-time donations)
  • GPay as a single gateway
  • Apple Pay as a single gateway
  • Plaid as a single gateway (ACH payments)
  • iDeal as a single gateway

If the webhook is not correctly configured according to the instructions above, your site will keep all donations marked as Pending. Follow the instructions above to configure the webhook.

Note also that development sites on localhost or behind firewalls will prevent the webhook from reaching the site.

No. The 2% fee is applied only to one-time donations.

Any of the following actions will remove the 2% fee from your Stripe donations:

  1. Purchase and activate the Premium Stripe gateway.
  2. Purchase and activate the Recurring Donations gateway — the recurring donations will never have fees added to them.

Our aim is to empower more small causes to accept more donations on their website. We can do this more effectively by funding the support and development necessary to support Stripe in the free plugin.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact us via our contact page and ask to speak with the Customer Success Team.

No, not at all. The 2% fee only applies to one-time donations processed via the Stripe gateway when using the free Stripe gateway.