If you host your site on WP Engine, you may encounter some issues with donors seeing a “Sorry, you are missing the payment key to view this donation receipt” message when completing donations. On the Multistep template, this might look like a “spinning icon” that never stops. Here’s how to fix the issue.

WP Engine caches WordPress aggressively, and for the most part this is a good thing. Unfortunately, this makes it an issue for cookies and sessions. This issue can be easily resolved by requesting that WP Engine setup a special cache exception for your Donation Confirmation page.

To do this, simply submit a support ticket to WP Engine via their support portal and ask them to exclude your Donation Complete page from cache.

Your checkout page is the one that has the [[give_receipt]] shortcode on it, and is saved in Donations > Settings > General Settings:

The Give General Settings tab
The GiveWP General Settings tab

To make things really easy for you, feel free to copy and paste this sample ticket:


My site runs the GiveWP donation plugin and we are having some issues with page caching and the “Donation Confirmation” page. The GiveWP team has instructed us to ask you to place a cache exception on our donation confirmation page.

Could you please add the following URL to the exception list?

https://YOURSITE.com/{put your donation confirmation page URL here; default is “donation-confirmation”}