This section hold various tutorials and articles that relate to working with WordPress in general. GiveWP is a robust and highly adaptable plugin, which means that there are many ways to customize and work with it. You might find yourself dealing with a lot of different types of challenges within WordPress. You might find these articles helpful for your general WordPress knowledge, but each has a specific application in relation to GiveWP as well.

How to Use These Resources

The documentation in this section is meant to help you troubleshoot your website, improve your website’s performance, translate your website, and more. These resources are not meant to be full tutorials. Instead, we want to give you a head start in solving any issues you may be having with your WordPress website where GiveWP is concerned.

If you experience any difficulty implementing any of the information included in these docs, please contact us. We are always here and happy to help point you in the right direction. Please note that we cannot provide support for custom code or 3rd party integrations, only the code that we make and distribute.

If you are looking for more advanced documentation on customizing GiveWP, please visit our Developer docs.