Client/Cause: ShareAction

Freelancer: Glyn Thomas, UK

Plugin: Give

Integrations: Give, Blue State Digital

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About the Cause/Freelancer:

ShareAction is leading the movement for responsible institutional investment. ShareAction, like many larger Nonprofits, has recently moved to WordPress to control their own publishing destiny and because, “Drupal was just too hard.”

Glyn Thomas, a seasoned WordPress developer, has been building on WordPress since 2009. He’s a WordCamp speaker who works with many nonprofits on developing web experiences that look great on the front end and are easy to hand off to marketing folks, post launch.


Since this was ShareAction’s first time on WordPress, Glyn needed to go above and beyond to deliver on our communities promise of “Democratizing Publishing.” He set up teams within the organization on Slack to collaborate and came into ShareAction’s office once a week throughout the development process.

“The one I ended up using, obviously was Give, because of the different options with payment gateways.” – Glyn

Because ShareAction worked with powerhouse, Blue State Digital, they needed to ensure all donor data was easily integrated with their databases. ShareAction was easily able to export and automate their donor data with Blue State Digital marketing.


Glyn used the right tool for the job. Moving ShareAction off Drupal to WordPress allowed their communication teams to be in better control of their content strategy.

Switching from Engaging Networks’ donation platform to Give empowered ShareAction to accept donations, integrate with their marketing team, and, most importantly, save against the costly technology of Engaging Networks.

ShareAction’s day of launching a donation form with teams of people is over. Their communications team can easily do it in minutes.



The Give Team