Give Version 1.7 is Here!

Give 1.7 brings the Give CLI, Custom Alert notices, and major stability and performance enhancements. Get a look at versions 1.8, 1.9, and 2.0 as well.
GIVE 1.7 Released

Give Version 1.7 has been released and has some nice features and improvements that you’ll want to add to your site right away.

If you’ve been following our blog, you already know a lot of what’s been coming to Version 1.7. Here’s some of the things we wrote about previously:

Coding for the Future

Besides those, there’s been a lot of work “under the hood” to make this a really stable and reliable release. We’ve been working hard on looking toward coding with the longterm future of Give in mind. We want to make sure that in the years to come our code can power whatever your website throws at it. That means a lot of improved and smarter functions, classes, fallbacks, better inline docs for developers, more consistent internationalization, better accessibility, and more.

Big Things for Versions 1.8, 1.9, and 2.0

We’ve also been focusing on being more strategic in rolling out new features and improvements in future milestones. So we already have some pretty big milestones coming for the next versions of Give, which you’ll see rolling out in 2017. Here’s just a quick preview:

Give 1.8

Give 1.9

Give 2.0

  • Revamping our Forms API — this will make manipulating the layout and positioning of all our form fields, legends, inputs, and triggers much easier from a development perspective.

Full Changelog

  • New: Custom HTML5 alert messages provide better context for donors. #351
  • New: Give CLI now included in Core for developers. #841
  • New: Donation details screen now displays more information and is mobile responsive. #887
  • New: Email tag {receipt_link_url} added. #581
  • New: Deprecated actions and filters to fix non-donation based terminology. #896
  • New: Function give_date_format() provides a way to adjust the date format based on a given context. #687
  • New: Automate RTL styles with gulp. #995
  • New: If only a single payment gateway is enabled the “Select Payment Method” fieldset is hidden to improve the donor experience. #1122
  • New: Make transaction columns “Donation Form” and “Status” sortable. #866
  • New: Accessibility for various donation form elements. #1181, #1177, #1193, #1186, #1178, #924, #922, #925, #934, #918, #920
  • Tweak: Optimized payment gateway loading and ensure that the proper gateway is returned if donor is brought back to website from an offsite gateway like PayPal Standard. Also, new PHPUnit tests for gateways added. #1119
  • Tweak: Organize data with a logical relationship in grids for table accessibility. #922
  • Tweak: Terminology changes – “Transactions” now called “Donations” and “Payments” now termed “Donation” in WP-admin. #896
  • Tweak: Removed unnecessary Give user roles. #662
  • Tweak: Remove “Form Labels” functions from translation strings. #1003
  • Tweak: a11y + UX – The terms agreement checkbox should be a required field. #1200
  • Tweak: Removed the bulk edit “Price” field. #1252
  • Tweak: The “Donations” column is now sortable, also renamed the “Price” column to “Amount”. #1250
  • Tweak: Updated CMB2 to the latest version. #1188
  • Fix: User able to donate minimum amount then custom minimum amount with multi level donation form. #712
  • Fix: Clearing reports cache wasn’t working for “Estimated monthly income for this period”. #773
  • Fix: Use only one text-domain “give” for i18n. #964
  • Fix: Multiple donation forms on a page with the Terms and Condition checkbox causes jumping when the checkbox is clicked by a secondary form. #1244
  • Fix: Do not render unpublish or trashed form by shortcode. #1289
  • Fix: Allow filter form title on basis of form id and form object. #1290
  • Fix: Slowness on transactions and logs screens in WP-Admin. #1172


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