Do you accept credit cards for online donations? Choosing a payment gateway can be challenging. In this episode, we discussed that with Matt Yalowitz, Head of Stripe Public Sector from

Matt Yalowitz, Head of Stripe Public Sector from joined us on this webinar. We covered the importance of a full-featured payment gateway, how Give uses payment gateways, and we’ll get some inside information about new features and benefits coming to users.

Event Outline:

  • Review of Give 1.8
  • Overview of Payment Gateways
  • How Give integrates with Payment Gateways
  • A preview of Stripe’s new Dashboard
  • An overview of new features coming to users.

Notable Quotes:

“A payment gateway is not a bank; it’s a way to receive funds online.” Matt Cromwell

“Donations have changed a lot from when people used to mail in checks.” Matt Yalowitz

“It is your final responsibility to have your website as PCI compliant as possible.” Matt Cromwell

“PCI compliance is pretty strict so it’s good to work with a partner on that.” Matt Yalowitz

“Stripe is trying to stay ahead of the game with donation technology.” Matt Yalowitz

“We’ll be continuing to invest in [multiple recurring subscriptions].” Matt Yalowitz


April Topic: Reports and Exports with Give

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Matt Cromwell

Matt is a co-author of Give and is Head of Support and Community Outreach for He loves writing docs and being "Generally helpful since birth".