“Give LIVE!” is a new webinar we’re offering to help educate nonprofits on all things WordPress and online donations. Our first webinar on “All Things SSL” was aired November 8, 2016.

SSL is Important to Nonprofits

SSL is an important part of a nonprofit’s security. Many nonprofits collect donor information (emails, names, etc) on their sites, even if they are PCI compliant otherwise. Also, with Google’s search rankings, SSL is a determining factor in how a site is found.

This episode covers all of the basics of SSL (when your site has an “s” at the end of https which means secure socket layer) including what an SSL certificate is, why you need one, and how to install on your site.

This Episode’s Outline:

  • What is an SSL Certificate?
  • Why do You Need One?
  • Common Myths Around SSL Certificates
  • Where Do I Get One?
  • Now I’ve Got one… what do I do?

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Matt Cromwell

Matt is Chief Operations Office at GiveWP. He has served nonprofit organizations since early 2000's as a web developer, educator, fundraising consultant, marketing consultant, board member and more.

Matt is a husband, father to four, and lover of all things musical and/or homebrewed. He also loves to talk about the most taboo of topics: Politics and Religion.