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GiveWP 2.8 Focuses on the Setup Experience for New Users

The GiveWP 2.8 release includes a welcome wizard and additional beginner-oriented documentation resources on our website.
2.8 Release: Welcome Wizard for GiveWP

New users were the primary focus for our development team in the 2.8 release. This update provides some unique tools for those just getting started with online fundraising for the first time.

It’s also useful for agencies, freelancers, and developers who may build fundraising websites for their clients. These new resources are meant to both guide new users through setting up their first form and educate them on how GiveWP works as a whole.

New User Onboarding Wizard

The GiveWP onboarding wizard is the most significant change in the GiveWP 2.8 release. Each screen is focused on helping users accomplish one task at a time to set up their first form and customize the final setup screen.

The GiveWP onboarding wizard asks users questions like ‘where are you fundraising?’ and ‘what do you need in your donation form?’ to guide them through the setup process.

While this wizard is great for first-time users, we also understand how experienced users may not want to use it. There is a “dismiss” option available to skip the wizard for those who don’t need guided setup.

The GiveWP Getting Started Guide

To accompany the welcome wizard inside our plugin, we’ve also added new Getting Started Guide tutorials on our website. The first one focuses on getting started with WordPress. Then, each goes more into detail about the free GiveWP plugin, our add-ons, an overview of our team and available resources for users, and the benefits of the GiveWP community.

The GiveWP Getting Started Guide will be easy to access for anyone from the GiveWP website.

This Getting Started Guide is another step we’re taking to Democratize Generosity. Simplifying how to use WordPress for online fundraising is part of that process.

Additional Improvements

Lastly, 2.8 includes a variety of improvements for the stability of your donation platform.

  • Multi-step forms support right-to-left languages.
  • Stripe modal is now powered by Stripe Elements to support “strong customer authentication”
  • Improved appearance of required fields in Multi-step form template.
  • Default minimum donation amount is changed to $5.00 to encourage best practices in preventing credit card spam.
  • Improved compatibility with jQuery changes in WordPress 5.5
  • Improved stability of the [give_receipt] shortcode with page builders
For a complete list of changes to GiveWP 2.8, take a peek at the changelog.

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