Free Nonprofit Webinar: How To Set Up Recurring Donations and Why You Need To

Learn how to accept recurring donations on your website and discover how to make recurring giving more appealing to your donors.
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There’s more demand now than ever for online giving and virtual fundraising. People are looking for better ways to support communities and causes. That includes becoming regular donors for charitable organizations.

If your nonprofit isn’t yet allowing recurring donations through your website, you’re missing out on a few key fundraising opportunities. If you already have on-site recurring donations, how flexible are your donation subscription options? How can you attract more sustainable donors?

Download the Slides (PDF)

How To Set Up Recurring Donations and Why Every Nonprofit Needs To

It’s no secret that we love recurring donations. You can even read through our blog to get an overview of some basic information we’ll cover in the webinar. However, it won’t give you everything.

Watch the webinar above and learn about:

  1. Why do recurring donations
  2. How to do recurring donations
  3. How GiveWP excels at recurring donations
  4. How to incentivize your audience to give on a recurring basis

Discover the Power of Recurring Donations

If you’re ready to power your fundraising with GiveWP and Recurring Donations, get all our add-ons today and start fundraising with GiveWP.

Start Fundraising with GiveWP 

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