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Here’s a Simple Fundraising Idea: Use Stickers!

Nonprofit stickers are a great donor gift for any cause. Use this simple fundraising idea to boost your online donations.
A woman with a laptop with many stickers on it.

Fundraising ideas to increase online donations are all over the internet. But there is one tried-and-true method that’s proven itself over time: donor gifts. Specifically, nonprofit stickers.

Finding a simple and inexpensive way to increase donations is the holy grail of fundraising. If you’ve been looking to boost the amount you’re raising, the answer may have been in front of you all along.

Donor gifts are incredibly powerful. They serve not only as incentive for giving, but as a method of donor retention. They’re memorable and serve as a form of free advertising. What better to use than a sticker?

Can Stickers Increase Online Donations?

Yes! Everyone likes free things. Stickers are an extremely cost-effective fundraising idea. It’s an investment in your brand recognition and a donor gift. Maybe you give them out at events or conferences. Maybe you keep a basket of them at the front desk of your office. Either way, they act as tiny sticky ambassadors for you and your brand.

A sticker is a good incentive because it’s novel, but doesn’t feel like too much. The wrong thank you gift can actually prevent or reduce donation amounts. This happens if the donor feels a degree of guilt and no longer feels like their donation is altruistic. A large incentive or donor gift can make the whole thing feel too transactional. Nonprofit stickers are a wonderful way to find balance with your donor gifts.

Florida Springs Council Walrus Sticker
Florida Springs Council

A sticker is a small yet significant token of recognition and a beacon of support. Give them to your supporters to say thanks and spread awareness about your cause. Showing off a cool sticker transforms donors into goodwill ambassadors who will encourage others to donate, too.

Can Stickers Increase Donor Retention?

If done right, stickers are a strong way to nurture donor relationships and earn recurring donations. Consider offering stickers as a thank-you for specific kinds of actions, like signing up for a subscription or filling out a donor survey.

According to Guidestar, some of the biggest thank-you gift mistakes include:

  1. Delaying the gift
  2. Sending a boring gift
  3. Using the gift to ask for more money

The Abila Donor Engagement Study discovered that 21% of donors surveyed were never thanked for their donation. Nonprofit stickers are a fantastic option to combat each of these pitfalls and make sure your donors feel appreciated.

Because of the size and ability to buy them in bulk, stickers are easy to send off quickly. If the gift is too complicated or takes a long time to order, you may never end up sending it.

A cute, high-quality sticker is much more fun and useful than a boring thank-you letter. And speaking of thank-you letters, it’s easy for them to sound like a solicitation. It’s possible that some of those people from the survey did get a letter, but it read more like a “please give again” letter. Adding a sticker to your letter makes it feel more like a “thanks” and less like another ask.

Rainey Day Foundation Nonprofit Sticker donor gifts alongside a thank you letter.
Rainey Day Foundation

People are more likely to give with the incentive of a cool and interesting gift. Then, when donors enjoy their gift they’re more likely to think of you and give again. Each sticker serves as a beautiful little reminder of how happy they are to support your cause.

What Makes a Good Nonprofit Sticker?

A sticker is the perfect culmination of good branding and messaging. It can simply be your logo or be a design that is particular to a fundraising initiative. A simple visual aid that the donor can put on a laptop, water bottle, phone, etc. tells everyone else that they support you.

A good sticker makes your brand portable and visible to more eyes. They work best when you have a strong message that can be displayed in a visual way. When you have a good visual brand identity working for you already, a sticker is that much more powerful.

If you need some inspiration for great nonprofit sticker ideas, check out the [Has Heart]  Sticker Shop.

With swag or donor gifts, less is often more. A sticker is a simple yet powerful way to express gratitude and “stick” yourself into your donor’s daily life. Everyone will want to swipe one and display it proudly.

People love to cover their laptops in stickers in the WordPress community especially.
Images are just an example. We do not endorse any of the brands or statements displayed in the stickers in these images.

Think about why your donors give to you or why you choose to give to your own cause. Typically, we give generously due to an emotional connection we have with the organization or the cause. We give because we feel compelled to do so and feel proud afterwards. What better way to display that pride than with a gorgeous sticker?

Get Your Stickers!

Stickers are the best fundraising idea for nonprofits. They express what your organization is all about in a fun, visual way. Plus, they can increase your online donations by giving incentive to someone who might be on the fence about giving. Nonprofit stickers are a simple and cost-effective way to promote donor loyalty.

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