Team Give Spotlight: Drew Griswold Brings the Spirit of Adventure

Just when we thought Team Give couldn’t get any more awesome, Drew Griswold joined us, bringing his love for nonprofits and the outdoors along with him.
TeamGive Spotlight: Drew Griswold

As our Community Outreach Coordinator, Drew is responsible for a variety of programs, including advertising, events, social media, and community coordination. But, that’s not all he’s great at.

If you’re a GiveWP Affiliate, you’ve already met Drew through one of his outreach emails and newsletters. If not, you may recognize him from our GiveWP Community Facebook Group, or simply by following closely along with #TeamGive on Twitter. He, Matt, Michelle, and myself all take turns engaging through our Twitter profile.

Here’s a little more about the main man behind the GiveWP handle.

Drew Griswold: Entrepreneur and Outdoorsman

Drew recently stored his beloved travel trailer, his home for the past six years, in exchange for a stationary life in Wisconsin. He and his wife spent most of their time traveling with their dog until the Coronavirus Pandemic hit and they decided to stay put for a while.

Drew and his dog out in a canyon somewhere, wandering.

That’s also when Drew decided to join Team Give! Prior to settling down, Drew’s main income came from two brands he co-founded, both of which were impacted by the pandemic for various reasons.

One of the most exciting things Drew is part of is an adult summer camp. Camp Halcyon is built on the idea of “a period of time that was idyllic, happy, and peaceful.”

Tie dye t-shirts at Camp Halcyon

To complement his outdoorsy camp and love for traveling, Drew also created an apparel company that focuses on nature, “wanderlusting,” and giving back to the community by donating its profits to charity. Wander & Co. usually makes appearances at multiple festivals and events throughout the summer, but most of that was put on hold in 2020.

Wander & Company t-shirts hanging at a festival booth.

What’s Next for Drew?

Part of Drew’s main focus at Team Give is to pilot our events! Drew’s experience as a vendor at festivals is one of the reasons we hired him, but in-person events still haven’t returned. When they do, Drew is looking forward to WordCamps especially. When I asked him, he said,

“WordCamps seem like an amazing opportunity to connect with other like-minded folks. Having spent the last several years doing events, it seems like the WordCamps are where I’ll feel most at home. Everyone keeps telling me about how great they are and I can’t wait to be able to jump in!”

He’ll most likely bounce between festivals, WordCamps, nonprofit conferences, and his own Camp Halcyon over the next few years as conditions begin to get better. Most importantly, Drew is going to help hundreds of GiveWP affiliates and thousands of community members excel with online giving through his work on our team.

Meet Drew as a GiveWP Affiliate!

You can chat with Drew almost anytime as a GiveWP affiliate. He makes sure our affiliates get everything they need, including a warm introduction. Check out the affiliate program to see how you can make 30% of the sales you generate and get to know Drew a little better.

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