We’ve been working hard on several really important releases slated for Spring 2018.

Spring is in the air! With it, comes a whole lot of great new features and Add-ons for our Give users. Not only are we including some excellent new features in Give Core, we’re releasing some much anticipated features to our existing Add-ons and some new Add-ons as well. Here’s the details.

Give 2.1 is Coming Soon

Give Version 2.1

All Give users will be seeing that exciting update notification in their wp-admin screens next week! Give version 2.1 has been in development since early this year and it’s ready to go. Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect:

Sequential Ordering

Take control of your donation payment numbers with an all new “Sequential Ordering” feature. Here’s a preview of the options screen:

Give Sequential Ordering
A preview of the new Sequential Ordering settings screen.

When enabled, your donations will increment sequentially and you will also have the option to modify the number padding, prefix, or suffix:

Give Sequential Ordering
Viewing sequentially ordered donations in wp-admin

Donation Form Grid

Up until now, you’ve had to rely on your theme or custom code a solution to display multiple donation forms in a grid. Not anymore! Using the new [give_form_grid] shortcode you can output a nice grid of donation forms to make it easy for your potential donors to choose their cause:

Give Donation Form Grid
The donation form grid with modal enabled allows for quick giving.

The demonstration above displays a donation form grid with the modal option enabled. Meaning, clicking on any grid item will open that donation form directly on the screen. You may change this option so that clicking the form grid will redirect the user to the donation form screen.

Want a nice looking grid? Make sure your donation form has the following completed:

  1. A nice featured image
  2. A short and concise excerpt
  3. A donation goal enabled
  4. A nice short and concise title

Got that? Great! Now simply create a new page and add the shortcode to get started!

Advanced Donation Exports

Up until now, exporting your donation data was limited at best. In 2.1 we’ve taken what we’ve learned from our customers and implemented a more advanced export tool:

Give's Advanced Donation Exporter
A preview of the new “Export Donations” screen found under Tools > Export.

Now you’re able to export your custom form fields, hidden fields, and of course, the standard columns included for donors, payments, and donation form data.

Additional Core Features

  • New donor-based goal tracking: Now you can set a non-monetary goal for the number of donors per donation form.
  • Gateway label and ordering customization: Customize the label and the order in which gateways appear.
  • Company name field: Collect the donor’s company name for corporate matching and better record keeping.
  • Lots, lots, more… stay tuned. :)

Recurring 1.6

Give Add-on: Recurring Donations

Recurring Donations continues to be our most popular add-on, which means it also has many users wanting it to do more and more for them. Rest assure, we’re working hard to deliver your most requested features.

Advanced Subscription Frequencies

We’ve heard you tell us that you want your donors to be able to more easily pick when their donations recur. We’ve built in an much for flexible way to set up your recurring options:

Give Recurring Frequencies
Customize recurring donation frequencies with more flexibility than ever before.

Additional Features Coming Soon to Recurring

  • Subscription Payment Method Update UI: Your donors can securely update their credit card information directly on your website.
  • Subscription Emails: Additional email options for when a subscription is completing, renewing, cancelling, and failing.
  • Plaid + Stripe: Accept ACH recurring donations with Plaid + Stripe.

We’re continuing to further enhance the Recurring add-on to ensure it’s the most flexible and robust add-on for accepting donations out there!

Stripe 2.0

We are very excited about this release. It’s packed full of many great features and enhancements.

Here are some highlights:

  • Supports Stripe Elements – a new feature of Stripe that has higher PCI Compliance, and a new single-field credit card feature.
  • Supports Apple Pay and G Pay – Pay more quickly using your either Apple or Google pay.
  • Metadata – All donation metadata is passed directly to Stripe, including recurring donations
  • 3D Secure payments – Read about this new Stripe feature here.
Stripe and Google Pay
A view of the new Stripe single credit card functionality and G Pay (screenshot taken in Chrome). Apple Pay displays in Safari.

All our existing Give Stripe license holders will get this release free, just update when you see the notification.

Authorize.net eCheck Support

Our Give Authorize.net Add-on will very soon support eCheck. This is a highly requested feature of the Authorize.net platform for many nonprofits because of the low fees it incurs. We believe this will greatly improve the giving experience for all our NGO users of the Authorize.net Add-on.

Give Authorize.net eCheck Screenshot
The new Authorize.net eCheck payment method features lower transaction fees and an intuitive interface.

New Add-ons on the Horizon

We want all users to know that we’ve begun development on the following add-ons as well:

  • Square Gateway
  • WooCommerce + Give Integration

Additionally, we’re working on new features and bug fixes for the following existing add-ons:

  • Donation Tracking with Google Analytics
  • Form Field Manager
  • Currency Switcher

We Love Hearing from You

That’s the nutshell of what we’ve been working on. We’d love to continue hearing from you our users. If you haven’t yet, please consider joining our Give Facebook Community and let us know what you love about Give and what other features you’d love to see supported!


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