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Version 1.3.1 Released

We released version 1.3.1 today. This is a minor release but it resolves several issues worth highlighting.

Minimum Donation Amount

There were several instances in which the enforced $1 donation could be circumvented. We don’t want that happening ever, so this released tightened that up quite a bit.

HTML5 Field Validation

Previously we were validated our fields with JS first client side then in some cases passing it server-side. That takes time and more resources and sometimes required a page refresh. No need for that when HTML5 via your browser can do the work for you. Now your donors get notified instantly if there’s an issue with any of the required fields at all.

Give Receipt Attributes

You can now selectively display certain elements of the donation receipt through our `give_receipt` shortcode. See our updated docs for details.

The Whole Shebang (Changelog)

= 1.3.1 =
 * New: `give_form_classes` filter added for give form classes - https://github.com/WordImpress/Give/issues/306
 * New: `give_form_level_text` filter added for altering multilevel donation form level text - https://github.com/WordImpress/Give/issues/307
 * New: Add-on activation class added - https://github.com/WordImpress/Give/issues/316
 * New: Added form name and ID to Donation History export and also removed unnecessary columns - https://github.com/WordImpress/Give/issues/314
 * New: Added html5 required attributes to required donation fields like first name, email, and CC fields - https://github.com/WordImpress/Give/issues/346
 * Fix: Multiple billing fields being output when multiple forms on a single page - https://github.com/WordImpress/Give/issues/310
 * Fix: Assume multiple give dropdown buttons - https://github.com/WordImpress/Give/issues/310
 * Fix: Give admin dashicon no longer lights up annoyingly on page load in wp-admin - https://github.com/WordImpress/Give/issues/315
 * Fix: Prevent fatal error if user has CMB2 plugin installed - https://github.com/WordImpress/Give/issues/321
 * Fix: When you save the Give Global Settings there is now a notice that displays - https://github.com/WordImpress/Give/issues/312
 * Fix: PayPal transactions types field label updated to "PayPal Transaction Type" - https://github.com/WordImpress/Give/issues/293
 * Fix: Custom Jupiter theme wrapper start and end added to prevent single donation form views from being incorrectly formatted - https://github.com/WordImpress/Give/issues/170
 * Fix: [[give_receipt]] options now work as expected - https://github.com/WordImpress/Give/issues/267
 * Fix: give_send_back_to_checkout() now properly sends back to donation form with form ID added as query param - https://github.com/WordImpress/Give/issues/337
 * Fix: Server side validation errors now properly reopen a modal or slide down donation forms so the user clearly sees there's an error - https://github.com/WordImpress/Give/issues/264
 * Fix: Dynamically generated receipt pages now have no-cache headers - https://github.com/WordImpress/Give/issues/338

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    1. Hi there,

      Recurring Donations is an Addon that we are currently developing. You can see all our upcoming Addons and future ideas here: https://givewp.com/coming-soon . It’s at the top of our list, but it won’t be released until it is the most stable and robust solution available for online donations in WordPress. When it is released, it will support Stripe, PayPal Pro, Authorize.net and others.

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