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3 Causes to Support on World Cancer Day 2021

Support a Cancer Organization on February 4th in honor of World Cancer Day. 
Cancer Ribbon

Help us support cancer organizations by spreading the word or choosing a cause to give to for World Cancer Day.

What is World Cancer Day?

World Cancer Day is about taking the time to envision a world without cancer, but it’s also about doing your part to support cancer organizations.

The annual event was born in Paris, at the World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millennium. On February 4, 2000, a group of world leaders met to produce the Paris Chapter, marking their commitment to fighting cancer year-round.

Through forming this “invincible alliance,” they also stood against discrimination in healthcare. Supporters of the Paris Chapter believe that everyone deserves access to life-saving cancer diagnoses, treatment, and care. That sentiment lives on through World Cancer Day.

What is the World Cancer Day 2021 Theme?

The theme of this year’s event is “I Am and I Will.” It’s all about believing in the power of positivity and working together to prevent as many cancer deaths as possible.

Looking back on the past 20 years of World Cancer Day, leaders have made a tremendous amount of progress. Last year alone, it:

  • Engaged 65 governments
  • Included 997 activities
  • Was supported in 113 countries.
  • Had 85 lit landmarks in 52 cities.

You might notice that a landmark in your area is lit on Feb. 4 in support of World Cancer Day.

Last year’s event happened right at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which diverted attention from the purpose behind World Cancer Day. That means that, even though the pandemic isn’t over, organizers and nonprofits need your generosity to keep thriving.

3 Nonprofits to Give to on World Cancer Day

This year, make up for lost opportunities to connect in person for World Cancer Month by donating to a nonprofit. To help you find a cause to give to, we searched for a few registered nonprofits using GiveWP. You can trust these organizations to use your funds to meet the goals of World Cancer Day.

Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas

Children's Cancer Partners of the Carolinas - Make a Difference

The families of children who have cancer often struggle to overcome distance and cost barriers to providing care. Children’s Cancer Partners helps them through offering immediate, comprehensive, and continuous support. Regular programming includes raising funds, holding events, and providing resources to children facing cancer. They pride themselves on going the extra mile to provide a personal touch for the people they work with. For example, they give custom handmade blankets to each child they work with.

Children’s Cancer Partners gives children access to treatment and support until they turn 21. They make patients’ lives easier by providing meals, transportation, and lodging. They also help families manage financial emergencies, home care, and end-of-life arrangements. This gives the family the time and peace of mind they need to support their child facing cancer.

To support children through their journey with cancer, visit the CCP’s donate page.

Cardinal Cancer Foundation

Cardinal Cancer Foundation: Empowering women to protect their health first.

Established in 2019 to help women protect their health, this New York-based foundation is a living memorial to Alice Wendt. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 42 and lost her life to the disease less than three years later, despite undergoing harsh medical treatment.

Members of Alice’s core support group started the Cardinal Cancer Foundation to make life easier for women with ovarian cancer. Now their mission is “to help women overcome culture, learned behaviors and personal hesitations to truly protect their own health, first and foremost, at all times.”

The foundation also has an active partnership with Clearity, an organization dedicated to improving treatment options for ovarian cancer patients. Through this partnership, they offer two programs: Steps Through OC: Support for Life with Ovarian Cancer and Clearity Tumor Blueprints: Providing a Pathway for Responding to Recurrent Ovarian Cancer.

Steps Through OC offers counselling, patient education, referrals, and other resources for people with ovarian cancer. Patients can speak to a professional ovarian cancer counsellor for free. Clearity Tumor Blueprints tell patients about the unique structure of their disease. This helps them choose the best treatment for them.

To support these programs and others like them, visit the Cardinal Cancer Foundation website.

Let’s Win! Pancreatic Cancer

Let's Win! Pancreatic Cancer: All year long. Give Monthly

Let’s Win is an online community that informs and educates those affected by pancreatic cancer. Their goal is to make sure patients, doctors, and scientists communicate about potentially life-saving treatments. The platform gives them a space to connect and help patients make informed decisions about their health.

The nonprofit is the legacy of Anne Glauber, who learned she had stage IV pancreatic cancer in 2014. She struggled to find innovative doctors who specialized in her disease. To address that issue, she and a team of doctors, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit workers started Let’s Win.

Anne passed away in 2017, but Let’s Win lives on in her honor. The website reads,

“It is a living testimony to Anne Glauber’s commitment that no one would ever again need to face a diagnosis like hers without resources and hope.” 

Donations go towards fulfilling their mission.

Use #IAmAndIWill to Share Your Generosity

To share how you’re marking the occasion, post on social media accounts using the hashtag #IAmAndIWill.

These are a few of the nonprofits doing important work to help those who need it.  This February 4, make sure you spend World Cancer Day being mindful and supportive in any way you can. During a year when most industries have moved online, one of the easiest and most effective ways of contributing is by offering a donation.

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