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12 Email Templates for More Giving Tuesday Donations

Email is one of the most effective ways to drive online donations. That’s why we’ve created twelve email templates for you to use this Giving Tuesday.
email templates for giving tuesday

Email is one of the most effective ways to drive online donations. That’s why we’ve created twelve email templates for you to use this Giving Tuesday.

“Email drives ⅓ of online fundraising revenue.”
Nonprofit Source

Below we have provided emails for your existing donor base, a new donor base generated specifically for Giving Tuesday, and your board or team. Starting chronologically, you will find emails leading up to Giving Tuesday, during the day of the event, and through the following week.

First, it’s important to set yourself up for success by defining your list segments and creating a visually appealing template to use for each email.

Separating Your Giving Tuesday Email Lists

A New Donor Base

Giving Tuesday draws in different donors than everyday giving does. It’s meant to take back the spirit of consumerism during the holidays and replace it with one of giving. This means that people who don’t normally give are more inclined to give on Giving Tuesday than they would be any other time of the year. After all, they can #hashtag it and make themselves look socially responsible on Twitter.

To build a segment of Giving Tuesday leads in your email newsletter list, create a landing page specifically for your Giving Tuesday campaign. Instead of a donation form, use an email signup for people to be reminded about Giving Tuesday.

You can use our Giving Tuesday landing page templates to get you started with the Gutenberg editor or use MailChimp’s free landing page builder. We find that it’s best to include your cause information and have control over the page, so building your own landing page on your website is the best practice.

Once you have a way to capture emails and create a segment in your list specifically for Giving Tuesday, create an automated welcome email. This will serve as the starting point for your Giving Tuesday email campaign for this audience.

Existing Donor Base and Newsletter Subscribers

Your existing donor base and regular newsletter subscribers are a powerful tool for your Giving Tuesday campaign. They already believe in your cause. Some of them are actively supporting it on a regular basis.

Use this audience to generate awareness of your Giving Tuesday campaign. They might feel inclined to give as well, but you can use Giving Tuesday to inspire them to get others involved. Ask them to share your campaign using the landing page link you create to generate a Giving Tuesday leads segment.

Start your Giving Tuesday campaign for this audience with a save the date email. Be clear about how much you appreciate their support and what Giving Tuesday means to your organization.

Board Members and Team

Your team and your board members are often overlooked when it comes to campaigning for Giving Tuesday. But just as you would any other project as big as a Giving Tuesday campaign, you need group buy-in. You need backup.

Creating a Giving Tuesday email flow for your Board will inform them about your immense effort to increase donation levels and why Giving Tuesday matters. It will also open the door for them to spread the word themselves, increasing the chances you’ll meet your overall goals for the day.

Your Giving Tuesday email campaign for your board and team should also begin with a save the date email. Instead of telling donors why they should give, you’re telling your team and your board why they should care and how they can help.

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Building Out Your Template

After you define who you’ll send emails to, the next step is to create an appealing template.

Keep in mind that while these are all of our templates below are written in plain text, you can adapt them to a beautiful HTML template easily as well. Ours looks something like this.

GiveWP Email Template

If you want to build your emails using a similar design and know how to edit an HTML code, you can start out with our template.

Download HTML Template

It’s easiest to build your own template though. If you don’t use a platform like MailChimp, you can create a well-designed HTML email using a free builder like BeeFree.io.

Make sure you use rich imagery if you choose to include visuals in your emails. You can also download any of the Giving Tuesday Logo Resources to adapt for your own purposes (as long as you abide by the terms of use).

Giving Tuesday Logos

In the end, you simply want your emails to attract donors to your campaign and call attention to this special day of giving.

12 Email Templates for Giving Tuesday

Now that we’ve covered who and why you’re sending all these emails as well as created a visual template, here are 12 email templates for Giving Tuesday.

The important thing is to communicate your Giving Tuesday campaign as thoroughly as possible to get the word out. Email is one of the most effective ways to get people involved.

These templates are just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve also created a comprehensive 75-page strategy workbook. Use it to plan and execute your campaign from start to finish.

Go to the Giving Tuesday Workbook

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2 Responses

  1. I will for sure be entering mine by the deadline! That Mailchimp tip you gave is so critical — it’s hard to get a really nice, simple, BOLD landing page for email sign ups. I’m going to use this to acquire some people to my tiny list and then give them the fundraising ask later.

    What I’d suggest is for people to make the “thank you for signing page” a link to your Give donation form with a “thanks for speaking up about puppy mills. Want to help puppies even more? Donate Now/Start a monthly donation!” line somewhere near the top. You will be pleased with how many convert.

    1. Thanks Jackie!

      The thank you page is a great tip. I didn’t even think about where the lead would be directed after they sign up for your email list. That’s a really simple way to convert Giving Tuesday leads into donors immediately.

      I can’t wait to see what you have planned. I know you’ve been working hard on your Giving Tuesday campaign!

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