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3 Fun Ways to Engage Donors During This Giving Season

Engaging with your donors about more than only asking and thanking them for donations.

There are a variety of ways to engage with your donors that don’t involve fundraising at all. The most obvious is storytelling. But what do you do when you feel like you’re running out of stories to tell or ways to promote your fundraisers?

Here are three donor engagement ideas to help you connect with donors through the giving season.

1. Send Your Donors Printables to Encourage the Spirit of Giving

Many people are on a tight budget this holiday season. But a lot of them still want to give back. Provide your donors with alternative ways to feel good about their actions during the giving season, whether or not they’re donating to your cause.

Mint recently published “15 Charitable Acts You Can Do on a Budget This Holiday Season,” complete with free-to-download printable materials. Each set of “Printables” encourages donors to complete acts of kindness, charitable giving, and spread the spirit to others.

Acts of Kindness printables and goal sheets.

Send these resources to your donors to provide them with something to remind them of the spirit of giving all month long.

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2. Host a Virtual Donor Appreciation Event

We mentioned this one before as a virtual fundraising idea for end of year giving, but it’s a great idea as a standalone event as well. Invite your donors to a donor awards ceremony, hosted on your live streaming platform of choice.

This kind of event will keep your organization top of mind when it comes to give during the holidays or in 2021. It also keeps your donors happy and makes them feel appreciated.

3. Send Out a Poll

Last, but certainly not least, send out a donor poll! It doesn’t even need to be about giving. You can ask your donors anything, but here are some ideas from our team:

  1. What was your favorite fundraiser this year?
  2. Why do you give to our organization?
  3. How many organizations do you donate to over the holiday season?
  4. How much have you given (to all causes combined) this year?

Polls are a great way to simply drive traffic to your website and keep your organization top of mind. No matter what question you ask, you are likely to find success with this tactic.

How Do You Engage Your Donors During the Holidays?

We’d love to hear from you about how you engage with your donors over the holidays. Let us know in the comments.

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