We do our best to make Give as intuitive as possible. But there may still be times when something is not crystal clear. This is a list of questions that we hear from users often that should help clarify any sticking points.

Common issues some Give users have and how to resolve them

This happens when your “Success Page” is not configured correctly. When Give was installed, it automatically created a Success page for you and set it in the settings. Occasionally, a user might unknowingly delete that page. If that happens the setting has nowhere to go.

To fix this, create a new page, then go to “Donations > Settings” and on the “General” tab select that new page from the dropdown on the “Success Page” setting.

The reports are a powerful feature. But for sites that get a lot of traffic it can take a really long time to load the report. To optimize the performance of the reports, the data is saved in what’s called a “Transient”. So if you wait about an hour, that transient will be automatically cleared.

If you don’t want to wait for it to be cleared, installed the “Transients Manager” plugin (from Pippin Williamson, creator of Easy Digital Downloads). After it’s installed go to “Tools > Transients” and click either the “Remove Expired Transients” or “Remove Transients without Expiration” button (or both) and your reports will be all set.

Our database update routine requires the use of a core WordPress file called admin-ajax.php. Some security plugins wrongly block admin-ajax.php, and this can create problems for plugins which rely on it. We have a full article on this issue and how to resolve it here.