The “give_form_grid” shortcode allows you to display your forms in an interactive grid anywhere on your website. It can display a modal window donation form pop up, or redirect your donors to the form page.

Donation Form Grid Shortcode

NOTE: Give also has a Form Grid block which we recommend if you are using the WordPress block editor.

Say you would like a page to display a number of your site’s donation forms in a nice easy-to-see way. This will help your donors more clearly decide which form to donate to. This shortcode can display a modal window donation form that pops up, or redirect your donors to that form page. Donation goals and featured images can be added to help convey the need for each form.

Give Donation Form Grid
The donation form grid with modal enabled allows for quick giving.

Shortcode Builder Options

  • ids = Show forms based on ID. Providing a comma-separated list of IDs will cause the grid to include only those forms. Default “All Forms”
  • exclude = Comma separated list of Give form ids to exclude from this grid instance.
  • columns = Set the number of columns you would like to display in your grid. “Best Fit” will automatically adjust the number of columns based on the available space. Default “Best Fit”
  • show_goal = show/hide. Shows the progress bar of the forms.
  • show_excerpt = show/hide. Shows the form excerpt.
  • show_featured_image = show/hide. Displays the featured image of the forms.
  • display_style = modal_reveal (default) or redirect. “modal_reveal” will pop up a window allowing your donors to make a donation from the form grid page. “Redirect” will take your donors to the single donation form page.
  • forms_per_page = Shows how many forms will display per page. Pagination controls will be visible if more forms exist. Default “12”

Give Form Grid Shortcode Example

[give_form_grid columns="3" show_goal="true" show_excerpt="true" show_featured_image="true" display_style="modal_reveal" forms_per_page="12"]
Donation Form Grid Shortcode Generator

Additional Shortcode Attributes

There are some additional shortcode attributes that you can add into your shortcode manually that are not visible in the shortcode builder.

  • cats — If you have categories enabled in Give, you can list the category IDs that you want displayed in this grid.
    NOTE: It must be the category ID, not the slug.
  • tags — If you have tags enabled in Give, you can list the tag IDs that you want displayed in this grid.
    NOTE: It must be the tag ID, not the slug.
  • paged — This enables/disables pagination. Options are true or false
  • show_title — This enables/disables displaying the title in the form “card”. Options are true or false.
  • image_size — If you notice the image is blurry or you would like to adjust the size you may set the image size name that you want the form grid to use. Common size names are small, medium, and large. Refer to the WordPress Codex for more information.
  • image_height — You can fix the height of the image within the form “card”. This is useful if you have different forms that have images of differing heights.
    Example: [give_form_grid image_height="100px"]
  • excerpt_length — You can truncate the exact word-length of the excerpt displayed with this argument. Default value is “16”.
    Example: [give_form_grid excerpt_length="25"]
  • status — You can determine which forms are displayed based on whether they are “closed” or “open”. This is a feature of the Goals setting in your form. If you’ve determined that a form should be “closed” when it reaches it’s goal, then you can set that only “open” campaigns are displayed in the grid.
  • orderby — “date” is the default. Set what aspect of the form determines the order. Options are title, menu_order, none, ID, author, name, modified, rand.
  • order — Options: ASC, DESC. “DESC” is the default. Set whether the forms are ordered in ascending or descending order, according to the orderby option.
NOTE: If you want to use an ordering plugin to order your forms in the Form Grid, then you have to have both orderby and order set as so: [give_form_grid orderby="menu_order" order="DESC"]