Occasionally your forms stats or donor stats might have gotten out of sync with the gateway. This can happen for a lot of different reasons. The Data tab gives you several tools to automatically resolve that.

screenshot of the Data tab of Give's Tools.
The Data tab of Give’s tools provides you with powerful recalculation tools for managing donation records.
  • Recalculate Total Donation Income Amount = this will take all the transactions you’ve received and recalculate all the numbers that are reported in various places
  • Recalculate Income Amount and Donation Counts for a Form = you can choose which form you want to recalculate. This will update the total income received for that form, as well as the total number of donations received for that form.
  • Recalculate Income Amount and Donation Counts for All Forms = This does the same as the previous option, but for ALL forms.
  • Recalculate Donor Statistics = This recalculates all the numbers you see in the Donor Details screen for all your donors.
  • Delete Test Payments = This allows you to delete any and all donations you’ve made while Give was in “Test Mode”. Note this does not delete donations made with the “Test Gateway”.
  • Delete Test Donors and Payments = Same as “Delete Test Payments” except it will also delete all donors associated with those test donations as well.
  • Delete Imported Donors and Payments = If you ran a donation import using “Donations > Settings > Tools > Import”, this tool allows you to bulk delete all of those imported donations. Optionally, there is a checkbox that allows to also “Delete imported WordPress users”. This is relevant if at the time of import, you selected to create WordPress users associated with your donors and donations.
  • Delete All Data = This deletes all your transactions and donors completely. We’ve added an additional checkbox you have to check to confirm that action — Just to be safe.