Give is fully localized and “translation ready”. Our list of pre-packaged languages is growing, but you might find the need to provide your own localized language for your website. This article gives you an overview of how to do that.

How Translations in Plugins Happen

Language translation sounds like a very daunting challenge for WordPress plugins. But in the end, it’s relatively straight forward. Give is built in U.S. English and comes with a “.po” file that lists all of the strings of text used throughout the entire plugin.

There are several very robust and user-friendly tools available that will allow you to open that “.po” file and translate each string into your own language. We recommend PoEdit.

Using Poedit has a very handy guide to creating plugin translations with PoEdit. Review that here, and then continue below with how to incorporate your translation into your website.

Implementing your Give Translation into your Website

Now that you have your translated files, you’ll need to upload them to your website. Here’s the steps:

Change the file name of your PO and MO files

In order for Give to recognize your file as a valid localized language to be used on the site, it has to have a very specific file name. After you’ve saved your PO and MO files from PoEdit, you need to change the file name like the following (using standard German as an example):

  • give-de_DE.po

So the structure is “[give] hyphen [language code].file extension”. Here is a list of available language codes.

Implement your Translation on your Website

Now that you have your translation done, and the file names are correct, the last step is to upload them to your website.

  1. Login via (S)FTP, and then navigate to the “/wp-content” folder.
  2. Add a new folder there called “languages”
  3. Inside the “languages” folder, add another folder called “give”
  4. Upload both the PO and MO files there.
  5. You’re done!

Interested in Joining our Translations Team?

We are assembling reliable translators from all over to world to help translate Give into as many languages as possible. There are benefits and responsibilities to being on this team. If you are interested, please email us at