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February Free Add-on: Per Form Confirmations

As part of our free add-on series, now you can get Per Form Confirmations for GiveWP.

We asked you last month what free add-on you wanted next and we listened. Now you can get Per Form Confirmations for GiveWP.

As part of our “Year of Free Add-ons”, we’re bringing you our second free add-on: Per Form Confirmations for GiveWP. If you missed the announcement, go read it right now. There you’ll see we already released “Simple Social Shout” and it’s amazing to see it gain adoption quickly. Your enthusiasm makes us excited to keep developing and rolling out these free tools.

The Year of Free GiveWP Add-ons Series

We declared 2020 the year of free add-ons at GiveWP! From easy social sharing for donations, countdown clocks, page builder widgets, and more, our gallery of free add-ons is growing every month. Check out all the great add-ons you can use with your donation forms for free.
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Introducing Per Form Confirmations for GiveWP

Following up on the release of Simple Social Shout for GiveWP you told us clearly that you wanted Per Form Confirmations in our poll.

Per form donation confirmation pages won the poll with 16 total votes. Billing address lookup and autopopulate was a close second with 12 votes, followed by Beaver Builder Modules, Simple Facebook Pixel Tracking, Elementor Modules, and Slack Notidications.

Fortunately, we’ve experimented with this idea quite a bit already. Many of you probably are already using this snippet to achieve similar results.

There are two primary uses for this addon:

  1. To customize the “Thank You” messaging according to the form the donor donated on. That’s a powerful way to make the donor feel appreciated. It also helps you customize the messaging after specific campaigns, so if you’re funding particular people or projects on each form, you might add a unique message as thanks.
  2. Many multilingual sites have to create multiple GiveWP forms in each respective language. This is one of the methods used to support multiple languages with plugins like WPML. But multiple forms solves only half the problem. If your “German” form (for example” points to an English confirmation page, that doesn’t make the German donors feel good. This plugin can solve that very practical problem.

We then took this idea to another level. Do you really want to create a new and custom landing page for EVERY form you create? No. Sometimes you just want to customize the messaging above (or below) the donation receipt. With this add-on you get both options. You can create a custom landing page with styled custom messaging to appear above or below the donation receipt.

A Second GiveWP donation form confirmation page has been customized with friendly messaging about all the cool things you can do now that you're a donor.

Install Per Form Confirmations on your site today and start thanking your donors in more customized and targeted ways. Best of all this works perfectly well with Simple Social Shout as well — double whammy!

Get Per Form Confirmations

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