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New Free GiveWP Add-on: Form Countdown

As part of our free add-on series, now you can get Form Countdown for GiveWP.

You asked to be able to add urgency to your forms. Now you can get Form Countdown for GiveWP. Best of all it’s free!

As part of our “Year of Free Add-ons”, we’re bringing you our third free add-on: Form Countdown for GiveWP. If you missed the announcement, go read it right now. There you’ll see we already released “Simple Social Shout” and “Per Form Confirmations. They’re both gaining new users daily. Your enthusiasm makes us excited to keep developing and rolling out these free tools.

The Year of Free GiveWP Add-ons Series

We declared 2020 the year of free add-ons at GiveWP! From easy social sharing for donations, countdown clocks, page builder widgets, and more, our gallery of free add-ons is growing every month. Check out all the great add-ons you can use with your donation forms for free.
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Introducing Form Countdown for GiveWP

Following up on the release of Per Form Confirmations, you told us that you wanted… several things, actually. There was a tie between “Elementor Modules”, “Animated Progress Bars,” and “Form Countdown”.

With that info, I started experimenting with animated progress bars, and I made some interesting progress, so that might be coming up in the next months. Elementor modules is relatively straight forward, so that’s do-able. But Form Countdown is something we’ve done before and really wanted to do a lot better this time around. I found a really well-maintained javascript library called FlipDown.js and decided we need to revamp and launch Form Countdown version 2.0.

The concept for Form Countdown is straight-forward: set a date and time for the countdown to end, and the flip-clock will display on your form, reinforcing that sense of urgency.

I added some really nice features in 2.0 that I think you’ll enjoy:

  • Color schemes and choosing your own custom color for the flipclock.
  • Various actions that happen when the countdown ends, like hiding the form, or the clock, and showing a custom message.
  • It works in parallel with the goal features, so you can have both. If the goal is reached and you’ve chosen to close the form then the countdown will also be hidden when the form is closed automatically.

Overall, this took a bit more work that I expected going into it, but I’m very happy with the results

Animated preview of the countdown clock over a form.

Install Form Countdown on your site today and start adding that urgency to your forms that get your donors donating now rather than later. Best of all, you can combine this with Simple Social Shout or Per Form Confirmations just as easily.

Get Form Countdown

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2 Responses

  1. Hey guys, awesome work as always.

    Question: can you use this in reverse too? On my child sponsorship website, it would make more sense to show how long they have been on the site, rather than show how long they have left – as there is no time-limit – make sense?

    If not, would it be possible to include in the next update?

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