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Give: More than Just an Online Donation Button

When it comes to online donation buttons, you have the run of the gamut: from plain buttons to WordPress plugins, to SaaS products. So how do you choose?
More than just a button or a form, we help you manage your donors. This makes Give more than just a WordPress plugin, it’s a platform.

Donation buttons can get the job done, but what are you going to do about managing your donors, or reporting your earnings? Give is more than a donation button. Here’s why.

Give is more than a simple donation button and form. Sure there’s a donation button and there’s a slick form, but Give also empowers your Cause with reporting, donor management, and integrations with other services. It’s more than a donation button.

Online Donation Button

Donation buttons are widely available. You can download a WordPress plugin or use a simple PayPal button. Or you could embed a third-party form. The downside is about who has the data.

SaaS products may shorten the time of launch for your campaign but they may take a bigger cut of your donations than you bargained for. Give takes 0% commission. That’s right — you only have to pay your payment gateways fees, nothing else. Read more about debunking donation platform myths here.

The button should be a clear call to action and displayed prominently. Give accomplishes this with shortcodes. You can put the button in a sidebar widget or anywhere else your heart desires.

Of course, you can always upgrade to any of our payment gateways by purchasing a Pricing Plan, too. This helps with donor retention since they are not directed off your site. Bounce rates are up to 70% when people are sent to a third-party donation page. Seventy percent! You can read more about this here.

Slick WordPress Forms

Forms shouldn’t confuse donors. This is why Give inherits the styling of your theme. In fact, it is our opinion that function shouldn’t distract from the design.

When it comes to online financial transactions it’s important to think of the mindset of your donor. Not only do you not want your sidebar to distract from your donation form, but you have to keep in mind the indicators of trust. Meaning, your potential donors look to the overall design of your site (and subsequent donation form) and SSL (the green lock) before they decide if they trust you enough to complete the online donation.

Of course, each form should have messaging according to that fund’s campaign. Give allows you to organize your forms with an archive page, categories, and/or tags. These can put all your forms on one page for a beautiful archive page of all of your campaigns. How’s that for a landing page?

Donor Management

More than just a button or a form, we help you manage your donors. This makes Give more than just a WordPress plugin, it’s a platform.

In the Donor menu you can see the list of donors. When you click on the donor’s name, it brings you to a screen with that donor’s info including all of their recent and completed donations, the amounts and the forms they donated from.

There is also a Donor Notes tab. Though you may choose to integrate Give with your favorite CRM, you have many donor management options right out of the box — including automated thank you emails. Our thank you emails are customizable both in the dashboard and by creating a child theme.

Give Donor Management Screenshot

Detailed Reports

We like to use the word “robust” which may conjure up images of a full-bodied wine. Use that term when it comes to coding, and it means full-featured. Give is indeed robust.

Our reports can be sorted by income, forms, and donors. This helps you make financial projections, see which funds are gaining more traction, which need some extra love, and which donors should be thanked in a more tangible way (perhaps with a gift basket or hand-written thank you card).

We have extensive resources about our reporting in our documentation.

Give is Extensible

Not only does Give have great functionality out of the box and have many Add-ons to increase functionality, it is extensible. Meaning, you can create custom functionality (case study) or integrate with other services (case study).

Give is More than Just A Button

Don’t let our beautiful forms deceive you — there’s a rich back end to Give. And that back end gives you control over donor information, reporting, and form control. You own your data, you control your data.

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