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Nutmeg Animal Rescue surpasses annual goal in 6 months with Give

A man petting several dogs at Nutmeg Animal Shelter with the words "Give Stories".

Nutmeg Animal Welfare is projected to surpass their annual fundraising goal in just six months. They did it with Give. This is their story.

Who is Nutmeg?

Nutmeg Animal Welfare is a 501(c)(3) non-profit who is committed to bring immediate relief to suffering animals, regardless of their location. It’s not often that you come across a local animal group who is willing to help animals in the Caribbean or Barcelona.

This non-profit also provides transparency reports to their donors to ensure that at least 75% of donations reach the specific animal in need.

The Site Setup

Though he considered himself a beginner, developer Michael Groh already has experience with building e-commerce sites. When building out this site, Michael found Give to be a perfect solution.

“When developing Nutmeg.Global I was spinning my wheels trying to implement user-un-friendly donation forms. I was referred to Give through Dustin Hartzler’s Podcast Your Website Engineer and recognized the potential for Nutmeg Animal Welfare. I installed the Give Plugin and in no time, through documentation, forums, and the Give support team, I became very comfortable with taking next steps and adding the Stripe Gateway add-on.”

Nutmeg Animal Welfare has a donation form on a branded landing page that reinforces both their overall mission and specific accomplishments.

Michael also implemented his own custom field to allow donors to gift in honor of a cherished pet or loved one. This feature has allowed Nutmeg Animal Welfare to connect to their supporters and honor their animals. Together they join in the mission to help neglected and abused animals.

The Results

Nutmeg’s online presence is a critical part of bringing awareness of their success stories in 2015.

Nutmeg is projected to surpass their one year fundraising goals in just six months of accepting online donations with Give.

Consider contributing to Nutmeg and check out their stories.

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