Hire the Homefront is a cause promoting remote work for military spouses. We’re excited that they’re using Give as part of their fundraising efforts.

About the Cause

Hire the Homefront addresses a problem not often talked about these days: the unemployment of military spouses in a non-traditional way. Instead of trying to tie them down to location-based employment at brick-and-mortar retail stores or schools, Hire the Homefront encourages remote work opportunities for military spouses.

The freedom of remote work that internet-based work gives many citizens hasn’t been fully utilized in this demographic.

“41% of military spouses said that companies often don’t want to hire them because they may move. Hire the Homefront is trying to connect these men and women that are sacrificing for their nation with quality freelance and remote work opportunities. Such opportunities can help them overcome resume gaps, earn extra income, and move their career forward whether they are stationed in Minot, North Dakota, or Sigonella, Italy.” Joshua Wine

Why the need?

In a global economy with sites like Craigslist, Fivrr, and Upwork, why should there be another place to find talent? Two primary reasons: quality and support. Hire the Homefront is for those who want to support military spouses. It’s a listing just for that demographic. Also, Hire the Homefront wants to put quality freelancers out there — and they offer training and tips.

“One of the things that Hire the Homefront does is to work with the military spouses and family members that make up our freelance talent pool to become better freelancers. We provide tips on crafting their profiles to highlight their skills. We teach them about bidding on projects and we also monitor many of the projects along the way to make sure milestones are being met and everyone is getting the desired result. The end result is the clients get more than what they paid for and the military spouses are able to keep working in their chosen field no matter where they are stationed.” Joshua Wine

How Hire the Homefront is Using Give

The team doesn’t have a traditional WordPress Engineer. Of course, we are proud that Give can be used by any WordPress end-user and can also be heavily customized. That said, Joshua, one of the co-founders, has some experience and put it to good use. He told us, “that is where Give’s usability was so important. Within minutes the team was able to install and setup the plugin to take donations.”

“Hire the Homefront uses Give to accept donations from individuals to support military spouses. We use donations to find new clients for our freelancers and to promote them to companies that are hiring for remote work. We tried a few other plugins but they were clunky and honestly not very visually appealing on both the back end and for the donor.” Joshua Wine

Campaign Results

Individual donations are not the main driver for Hire the Homefront website. Rather, it’s a connection and resource based hub. That said, what nonprofit doesn’t appreciate receiving additional funds to support its cause?

“Give allowed us to easily establish a point to drive potential donations that was easy and secure. That allows us to do that and then move on to helping our constituents.” Joshua Wine

Check out their donation form and consider donating to this cause.

Donation form Screenshot from Give user Hire the Homefront
Hire the Homefront Donation Form

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