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GiveWP Joins the Liquid Web Family of Brands

We're excited to announce that GiveWP is now part of the Liquid Web family!

Today, I’m excited to announce that GiveWP is now a part of the Liquid Web family. If you use GiveWP for fundraising, this is exciting news for you as well.

Companies get acquired for a variety of reasons. In the case of GiveWP, everything we do is to further our mission to “Democratize Generosity.” We are confident that Liquid Web positions our team and product for increased growth and success, all with the aim to benefit you first and foremost, our 100,000+ users and customers. Liquid Web has a proven track-record of understanding the WordPress market, how to grow successful products, and the importance of community.

As my partners and I considered this acquisition, our first priority was the stability of our team, our products, and that all of this benefitted you, our free users and customers. These were our “deal-breakers,” our must-haves for the acquisition to make sense for us.

1. The future of GiveWP remains a top priority.

Oftentimes, acquired products become a side-gig or receive less attention in larger companies. The opposite is true in our case. Liquid Web is investing in our team members, in our marketing, and in our product. We have full confidence that GiveWP will continue to innovate, grow, and be your go-to solution for online donations for years to come.

2. Every team member is critical to our success.

When the topic of our team and their continued role was raised, Liquid Web assured us, by saying: “We want  GiveWP specifically because you’ve built an amazing team. You’re the experts, and we want to help see you grow, not downsize.”

3. Leadership of the team and product are staying the same.

Matt Cromwell and I are both proud of what we’ve built over these past six years. We want to continue to see more of our vision and dreams for GiveWP come to fruition. Liquid Web sees us and our continued leadership as critical as well. So we’re not going anywhere and remain 100% dedicated to our product and brand.

A little more about Liquid Web and WordPress plugins.

Liquid Web has a proven history of acquiring strong WordPress brands, keeping their teams in place, and empowering them for growth. In 2017, they acquired iThemes where Matt Danner is still strongly leading. They’ve seen impressive growth ever since.

This past December, Liquid Web also acquired The Events Calendar, where Zach Tirrell continues to successfully lead. Their team and product are growing with their new parent company as well.

These two success stories gave us great confidence in Liquid Web and their desire to see GiveWP grow. We are highly optimistic for the future of GiveWP alongside teams that already paved the way in the software division of Liquid Web.

What does this mean for you as a GiveWP user or customer?

Working with Liquid Web means we get to build more features and tools for you, faster and better than before.

While we assure you that as little as possible is changing for you, we spoke with our customers, face-to-face on May 18th at a live Town Hall event. If you have any additional questions, please review our detailed customer FAQ

Thank You Givers 💚

Last but not least, we all want to thank you, our loyal “Givers,” who have furthered your causes over the years with GiveWP. To date, we have raised more than $1 billion dollars in online fundraising with you! You are quite literally the fuel in the engine of our mission.

You drive us to develop more and serve more. You inspire us to GIVE more. You enabled this great achievement and we wouldn’t be here today without you.

We look forward to many more years of “Democratizing Generosity!”

For our GiveWP customers, we also have a detailed FAQ to address any questions you might have in relation to your customer records, licensing, subscriptions, and accounts.

You can also read the official press release from Liquid Web, here.

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