#GivingTuesday is coming very soon. We reached out to our Give users to see what they’ve created.

#GivingTuesday is one of the biggest donation campaign opportunities of the year. If you haven’t heard, #GivingTuesday started by the 92nd Street Y in 2012 as a response to the hyper-consumerism of the post-Thanksgiving season. Why should giant stores and online corporations get all the end of year giving fun? No! #GivingTuesday reminds people that the holidays are a time for generosity. As you know, here at GiveWP, we’re all about “Democratizing Generosity”.

Below are some of our awesome Give users who prepared in advance for #GivingTuesday. We’ve written several times on what makes for a great #GivingTuesday campaign, so the Causes below all do several things really well that we find to be crucial to your online donations success. Those things are:

  1. Loading your whole site over HTTPS (with an active SSL certificate)
  2. Having a numerical goal for the #GivingTuesday campaign
  3. Having a clear reason to give to your campaign for #GivingTuesday (i.e. not just the General Fund)
  4. Having a dedicated #GivingTuesday landing page

Those items help to ensure a successful campaign. Naturally, there are other factors that make your #GivingTuesday page successful; like how well you do social media, how receptive your online audience is, the average income of your donor base, the stability of your hosting solution, etc.

The examples below nail each of the items above and add their own unique flair as well. They also happen to be excellent Causes that you might want to consider throwing $25 to for your personal holiday giving this year. Without further adieu:

Libero Magazine

The Libero Magazine #GivingTuesday Donation Page

Their #GivingTuesday page:

Libero Magazine is a nonprofit online magazine that focuses on mental health issues. They state their mission as:

“Our mission is to advocate mental health and foster a community of support based on sharing stories and celebrating freedom. Our vision is for a world free from stigma, where no one feels alone.”

They have a really well designed website. Their #GivingTuesday campaign page is equally eye-catching. They lead with a powerful featured image; they introduce the concept of #GivingTuesday, and they set a clear goal.

One of my favorite features they added to their page is custom #GivingTuesday social media images. They allow their users to share those images to promote #GivingTuesday. It’s a smart idea and well executed.

There are two small items that need improvement:

  1. Just like the New Harmony Project, Libero Magazine also has a popup on their #GivingTuesday page. Similarly they have A LOT of content in their sidebar. All of these things can be very distracting from the goal of donating. Remove the distractions.
  2. They added some nice “click to tweet” buttons at the bottom of the page to further promote their campaign. I don’t think they are effective way down below the form. Instead, move them to the Donation Confirmation page so that donors can tweet right after they donated — it’s a nice feel-good activity after they just donated.

This is a great campaign. If you are passionate about mental health issues and removing the stigma around mental health, consider supporting Libero Magazine this year.

SD Refugee Tutoring

The SD Refugee Tutoring Donation Landing Page

Their #GivingTuesday page:

SD Refugee Tutoring (SDRT) provides free after school tutoring to the refugee students in a low-income neighborhood of San Diego called City Heights. SDRT’s mission is:

“The mission of San Diego Refugee Tutoring is to achieve social justice through educational access. The goal of San Diego Refugee Tutoring is to provide one-on-one tutoring and holistic academic support to refugees at Ibarra Elementary School in eastern City Heights.”

SDRT does a really good job of providing context to the need they are seeking to fill with their GivingTuesday funds. They have set reasonable multi-level button amounts to indicate that both small and larger gifts are welcome. They have a useful usage of their sidebar, it enhances the message and provides information without distracting from going down the page too far.

Overall, I don’t have any complaints about this page — but, full disclosure: that’s because this is a cause that I volunteer for. I built this page!

If you appreciate our refugee communities and want to support teachers and volunteers who do hard work in inner-city areas like City Heights, San Diego, consider donating to SD Refugee Tutoring for your #GivingTuesday this year.


Uniting Distant Stars

The Uniting Distant Stars Donation Landing Page

Their #GivingTuesday page: 

Uniting Distant Stars (UDS) is an advocacy organization for Liberian youth. Their mission is to:

“Link future leaders and global innovators to educational resources and vocational training to influence positive changes in the world.”

UDS does a really great job of making their goal very clear. They state clearly that they need to raise $7,200 “to purchase the required practical materials for our courses in Catering, Cosmetology, Electricity, Plumbing and Tailoring.” They then itemize the costs and materials needed. This kind of detail really helps make it clear to donors what will be lost if the funds aren’t raised. It’s clear and compelling. As donors see their progress bar get more and more green they realize that they are part of a solution that is culminating and happening.

There’s several things we’d suggest for UDS for next year:

  1. Use the sidebar space on the left to list those items. That makes the vertical height of the page shorter, and uses that whitespace better.
  2. Make all the text and the form align-left. It’s much easier to read when everything is align-left.

If you are passionate about helping underserved youth, consider supporting Uniting Distant Stars for #GivingTuesday this year.

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Matt is Chief Operations Office at GiveWP. He has served nonprofit organizations since early 2000's as a web developer, educator, fundraising consultant, marketing consultant, board member and more.

Matt is a husband, father to four, and lover of all things musical and/or homebrewed. He also loves to talk about the most taboo of topics: Politics and Religion.

7 responses to “Excellent #GivingTuesday Campaigns from our GiveWP Users

  1. We got Give specifically so we could work on our annual appeal and Giving Tuesday! We’re new to Giving Tuesday – individual donors are a small part of our funding strategy (mostly grants and contracts), but I wanted to get involved to try to increase engagement among our followers and help raise our profile. As an organization that conducts research and does not provide services, it’s a challenge sometimes to make our needs tangible, so we’ve tried to come up with thematic donation amounts to align with some of our 2017 successes. Excited to see how the campaign goes this year!


    1. Great to hear Megan, thanks for sharing. Here’s just a couple tips:
      1. Set a dollar amount of what you want to raise for this campaign. Setting the goal to a percent is fine, but people want to know what the final amount is so they know how much they contributed toward the total goal.
      2. Make this campaign unique, explain exactly what the funds will be going toward. Making it general funds isn’t compelling enough.
      3. Make use of the Give Sidebar, that’s that left-hand white area. You’ll find it in “Appearance > Widgets”. Adding a gallery, or data points just help make the page more attractive. You mention tweeting or sharing on FB, maybe put sharing buttons in that sidebar.

      Please circle back here and let us know how your campaign goes, we’d love to hear about your success. Thanks!

    1. Glad to hear it, Ed! Here’s just a couple tips for you:
      1) Make it explicit what the $2,000 is going to fund. How many rescues? Or how much supplies
      2) Reach out to our Support channels for some CSS help to get the currency symbol aligned with the amount. Your theme might be creating a conflict there.
      3) Use the “All fields” display mode rather than the Reveal mode. Reveal mode just adds another click your donors have to do in order to donate. Give them as few clicks as possible.
      4) We highly encourage ALL organizations to get a SSL certificate and load your site over HTTPS. Reach out to your webhost about that.


    1. I’d actually love to hear more about your experience with it. What did you seek out to achieve for your landing page? Did you find Elementor useful for achieving that goal? Did it help you with ideas, or layouts?

      1. I came across Elementor when I was looking for a way to create a new template, without changing our current theme, so that I could remove the main sidebar for the #GivingTuesday landing page. I already had the layout in my head, but since I don’t know enough about coding, I needed a tool to help make it happen. It took a lot of trial and error to get the page the way I wanted, specifically in regards to the background formatting, but overall I would say I’m pleased with the plugin and will probably try using it to reformat some of the other pages on our site.

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