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How to Give on Giving Tuesday

Are you giving this Giving Tuesday? Take back the season of consumerism wisely by answering who, what, where, when, and why.
How to give on Giving Tuesday

Are you giving this Giving Tuesday? Take back the season of consumerism wisely by answering who, what, where, when, and why.

Giving Tuesday kicks off charitable giving in the holiday season, a time of generosity for many people. It is also a time for nonprofit organizations to reach out, hoping that some of that generosity spreads to them.

In the seven years since it began, Giving Tuesday has grown exponentially, and now presents so many opportunities for your donations that it can become difficult to decide how to choose which organization(s) to give to and how much to donate to them. Here are some guidelines for you to practice strategic philanthropy.

Answer the questions “Why?” “Who?” “What?” “Where?” and “When?” to determine “How” to give this Giving Tuesday.


The world needs people like you to support the things that matter throughout a season dominated by consumerism. Working together we can make the world a better place. Through volunteerism, championing causes, and financial support, these charities can make a difference to the things that matter to you this Giving Tuesday.

Do something great.

Beyond general good, ask yourself why you want to give back. Determine goals with your Giving Tuesday contribution. Here are three reasons to consider giving on Giving Tuesday:

  • Volunteerism: You might feel a genuine pull toward giving your time to a cause. Whether it’s completing pro bono work for a nonprofit or volunteering, you can give your time and energy for Giving Tuesday.
  • Financial Support: You are a true Giving Tuesday giver and feel that the pull of consumerism around the holidays needs a counterbalance. So, you’re trying to find a cause to support with your wallet.
  • Championing a Cause: Maybe there’s a cause you love but can’t quite give time or money. You can always advocate for them this Giving Tuesday instead.

Whatever your reason, after you know why, determining who is much easier.


There are really two “who” questions to consider when coming up with your philanthropic strategy: the nonprofit you will donate to and YOU. Finding the match (or matches) that fit your giving goals is the first part of your strategy.

Most Giving Tuesday campaigns will have sent you multiple emails, as well as shown up in your social media feeds. They may have even sent you a letter or postcard by mail, all hoping to remind you to donate to their nonprofit. These organizations have spent time and energy and have invested some of their financial resources to make sure that you are aware of their needs, their mission, and their participation in Giving Tuesday.

If you haven’t located a charitable organization for your donation, there are many ways to find one. You can visit a list of nonprofits on the Giving Tuesday website to find an organization anywhere in the US. Other countries have similar websites.

What's happening near me?

You can also do an online search for organizations that appeal to you or visit one of Give’s highlighted Giving Tuesday organizations. We’ll be adding more soon for you to choose from as well. Keep an eye out on our Giving Tuesday page.


Charitable giving is a personal choice, even when it’s done on a global scale like Giving Tuesday. Donating to a nonprofit should come from the heart but without ruining your budget.

Assess how much money, time, or energy you are able and willing to contribute to any organization you are considering. Make sure that the amount you select allows you to meet your other obligations.

Giving isn’t restricted to monetary gifts. Volunteers make up a huge part of nonprofit work. One thing you can do easily on Giving Tuesday to help is to share social media posts and emails to generate more donations for your selected charities. Your endorsement in sharing opportunity may garner a bigger Giving Tuesday bottom line for the organization.

Generosity is not defined by the size of the gift. Generosity is defined by the character of the person giving it and the intention with which it is given.

While any organization will appreciate a huge corporate gift, they are equally as grateful for the many small gifts that make up their budget. Any gift donated from a place of good intention and sincerity is always appreciated.

Some donation forms are for one-time giving and others may offer you the option of recurring donations (usually monthly). Make sure you know how much you’re giving and how often.


Giving Tuesday is a mostly online event. Once you decide how much money to donate and to which organizations to contribute, the easiest way to give is to head to their website and click their donation button. You may find they have a specific page for Giving Tuesday, so look for that. No matter where you choose to donate on their site, they will be grateful for your gift.

Of course, most charitable organizations will still accept checks mailed to them or cash donations in person. But isn’t online giving easier?


Well, it’s called Giving Tuesday for a reason. Giving Tuesday is always on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving in the US. Sometimes this falls in November and sometimes in December. This year Giving Tuesday is on November 27, 2018. Set a reminder to yourself to give on that day!

But here’s a secret…if you wake up the next day and forgot to make your Giving Tuesday donation, your selected nonprofit will still welcome your donation.

Give this Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a perfect opportunity to give and tell the world about it. Make sure you use #GivingTuesday and tell everyone how you’re giving this year. You can even tag us with @GiveWP on Twitter and we’ll retweet your post.

Tell us how you’re giving this Giving Tuesday in the comments!

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