Share the Gift of Knowledge is a cause lead by Martin Plante, President of MPO Educational Enterprises, that created interactive history education online.

Cause: Changing How We Teach History

The Share the Gift of Knowledge program wants to change the way we teach history to students — to make them want to learn about history. This program will give schools access to a new online historical map that is interactive, engaging, modern, and fun for students to use! Their financial goal of $50,000 will give schools access to this new resource.

Why Create Interactive Software?

Martin is passionate about this project based upon his experience owning a travel company that emphasizes in education. He saw the lack of basic understanding and put his background in geography, history, and software to work — for good.

He says,

“I realized quickly that one map would not be sufficient to cover all the history of North America, so I decided to create a series of maps, one on the First Nations, one of New France and one on the Birth of Two Nations. However, even this was not enough.

Then someone asked if the maps were online, and I realized that was a great idea! Then we could continue to add as many historical events as necessary. As well, we could make animations with boats moving and soldiers marching, which would then engage students in the history. We could also add text, images, videos and give links to other sites, meaning it would become a great research tool as well!

So we created our interactive platform, called Virtual Map, which can put historical data on a location on a map. With this interactive online historical map, it creates a new way of teaching history, something that engages students in the historical information.

We need this historical interactive resource in schools. That is why we started the Share the Gift of Knowledge program. Our children, our next generation, need to be given the tools they will need to succeed in the future. Learning history will do that. Help us get this program into many schools!”

How “Share The Knowledge” is Using Give

Give is their main platform used to receive donations. Their IT person knew WordPress so it was relatively easy to install.

They are currently using one form for their campaign but have put it in several pages using the shortcode. They like how the goal feature shows the program’s progress.

Online Donation Form for Share the Gift of Knowledge
Online Donation Form for Share the Gift of Knowledge

Share and Donate

We love to see Give helping further the education of children. Check out their website and consider donating to this cause. They even have gifts for those who donate, based upon the level of donation.

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