If you’re looking for a great cause to give to this Giving Tuesday then you’ve come to the right place.

Last week we shared with you How to Give on Giving Tuesday. This week, we’re excited to share with you 12 Giving Tuesday campaigns from our Give users from around the world that are all worthy of your consideration. Each one is unique, so no matter what kind of cause you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here.

Table of Contents

  1. Sustain of Village with Friends of Fauna
  2. Stop Illegal Trade and Expansion with Red Panda Network
  3. Support Mental Health with Libero Magazine
  4. Build an Eco-Village with Primera Semilla
  5. Give Kids Access to STEM with Science Fair Fun
  6. Honor a Teacher with You Inspire Me
  7. Support Children in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  8. Support Addiction Recovery at RU Recovery Ministries
  9. Support the After School Program at Youth N.O.W.
  10. Ride with Special Needs Children with Norte Traverse City
  11. Enhance the Theater The Marco Players
  12. Support Campers at Rainbow Camp

Sustain a Village with Friends of Fauna

Friends of Fauna Giving Tuesday

About the Cause

Friends of Fauna is a nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating the creation and sustainability of communities that support wildlife. Their current focus is on Kenya, where the Maasai people are suffering from exploitation and lack of access to drinking water.

“Currently, the local communities have been forced onto small areas of land and their age old practices have been hindered by foreign interests and the Kenyan government itself — all of which are exploiting Maasai land and Maasai people in the name of conservation. We plan to create, with seed funding, jobs that will allow Maasai people to escape forced labor situations and eventually regain control of the land that is both legally and traditionally theirs.”

In order to combat the trend of exploitation, Friends of Fauna hopes to create ways to incentivize and generate local employment for community members by benefiting from the presence of wildlife.

Giving Tuesday Campaign

This Giving Tuesday is the organization’s first true fundraising campaign and they are hoping to reach $5,000. This initial $5,000 will help kickstart the project in Kenya, “with two indigenous, traditionally living communities.”

Donors have three different options for giving on Giving Tuesday. You can give to the general fund, choose an item to buy with a single form, or choose which part of the project to give to through a form grid.

Friends of Fauna

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Stop Illegal Trade and Expansion with Red Panda Network

Red Panda Network Giving Tuesday

About the Cause

“Red pandas are an endangered species that are nearly extinct in their western range. Deforestation and illicit trade—further compounded by a growing demand for this unique mammal among the black market pet industry—have caused the global red panda population to decline by 50% over the last 20 years.

Red Panda Network is working hard to reverse these trends. Our conservation programs extend to nearly 1 million acres of forest and support over 1,000 families living in red panda range. We have established the PIT Red Panda Protected Forest in Eastern Nepal: the world’s first protected area dedicated to red pandas!”
Red Panda Network

Giving Tuesday Campaign

This Giving Tuesday, Red Panda Network is hosting a donation matching challenge to support their efforts to stop the illegal red panda trade and expansion to Western Nepal. These funds will support the largest and most comprehensive effort to stop the illegal red panda trade.

Funds raised from Giving Tuesday will support the expansion of community-based programs to remaining unprotected areas in Nepal. The organization will continue to establish wildlife corridors, viable red panda populations and sustainable communities in Western Nepal, which will ensure the connectivity of three protected areas:

  • Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve
  • Shey Phoksundo National Park
  • Rara National Park

Uses of Give

Red Panda Network uses Give as their primary donation platform and has created a Giving Tuesday specific form. This form also allows for recurring donations and fee recovery.

Red Panda Network

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Support Mental Health with Libero Magazine

LIbero Magazine Giving Tuesday

About the Cause

Libero Magazine is a community and publication dedicated to supporting those with mental health issues and advocating for mental health care.

“We believe in the power of sharing stories and celebrating freedom. Through our magazine and online community, we cover a variety of topics ranging from managing anxiety and overcoming depression to recovering from eating disorders and advocating body positivity.”
Libero Magazine

Giving Tuesday Campaign

“Our goal for Giving Tuesday is to raise $2,500 so we can continue offering community, resources, and support for mental health to young people through our online magazine and community.

Giving Tuesday is our largest fundraiser of the year, and therefore is integral to our organization’s success and ability to expand.

The funds raised will cover the costs associated with keeping our online magazine running, growing and expanding our community through promotional materials, attending local events to advocate mental health, and covering organizational costs associated with the day-to-day running of our organization.

A successful campaign will also allow us to expand our projects in 2019 (for example, we hope to launch a podcast, create print editions of our magazine, and attend more in-person events).”

Uses of Give

Libero uses Give for all of their online donations, which is about 90% of their fundraising.

“Give allows us to have professional forms and campaigns, and makes managing donors and donations so much easier!

Our Giving Tuesday campaign uses Give’s countdown clock feature and goal tracking thermometer — both of which bring real-time activity and a sense of urgency to our campaign forms!”

Libero Magazine

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Build an Eco-Village with Primera Semilla

primera semilla Giving Tuesday

About the Cause

Primera Semilla is dedicated to financing and creating a self-sustaining eco-village in Ometepe, Nicaragua. Their goal is to create a university model where others can learn and garner support for their own eco-village projects. The Ometepe Eco-village will stand as a living model, “demonstrating the feasibility and usefulness of autonomous eco-villages.

Giving Tuesday Campaign

This organization’s goal for Giving Tuesday is a fundraising launch to see their project funded so they can get started. Some of the items that donations go toward include:

  • Purchase of the land
  • Purchase of materials for the construction of the first buildings
  • Local employees
  • Necessary equipment to be effective in the progress of the project

Uses of Give

Primera Semilla uses Give for their donation forms in combination with a variety of plugins to allow for different payment gateways, like Google and Apple Pay.

Primera Semilla

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Give Kids Access to STEM with Science Fair Fun

About the Cause

“Science Fair Fun is a nonprofit organization providing students and their grownups with tools and support that take the stress and guesswork out of Science Fairs and also fosters students’ development of essential Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) skills.”
Science Fair Fun

Giving Tuesday Campaign

This goal of this year’s Giving Tuesday campaign at Science Fair Fun is to raise $10,000 toward their cause. They have 6 levels of giving, including a custom amount option, followed by explanations on what each donation will purchase for their mission.

Science Fair Fun

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Honor a Teacher with You Inspire Me

About the Cause

The idea behind this cause is to give in honor of an educator who made an impact on your life through a donation of $1. All proceeds will go toward helping Jesse Mazur, a local educator, pay for his Ed.D program.

“We’re doing this by curating a list of names and stories of teachers who’ve made a positive impact on students. These dedicated educators make a positive difference by planting seeds of greatness in the lives of millions of students throughout the country and around the world.

By putting a spotlight on these dedicated educators, we hope—and believe—that we can inspire the next generation of teachers by recognizing the contributions of past and current teachers.”

How They Prepared for Giving Tuesday

“Originally we looked into setting up a GoFundMe page, but their minimum donation amount is $5. We wanted to ask people to donate just $1 so we liked that Give allowed us the control to set the minimum amount. We embedded the Give form on our front page and also embedded the form on our donate page. We also like that there was control in how we wanted to display the goal. We chose to share the amount raised in relation to our goal of $126,000.

Give was very easy to implement and we used the Stripe add-on for easy payment collection. Most of all, we love that we have our donation set up within our own web domain. We just finished setting everything up so this will be our very first Giving Tuesday!”

You Inspire Me

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Support Children in the Democratic Republic of Congo

DRC Giving Tuesday

About the Cause

This Investment Management Company in the Democratic Republic of Congo helps investors target their investments in the country so that they facilitate economic growth. The company is hoping to use this year’s Giving Tuesday campaign to help poor children celebrate Christmas day, educate girls in STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math), and provide access to higher education for underprivileged children.

Giving Tuesday Campaign Goals

It’s the first year the organization will be participating in Giving Tuesday and in addition to contributing to their regular educational programs, they are hoping to raise $10,000 to help give 100 children a happy holiday this season. Each donor will get a photo from the event and a child will receive a shirt with the donor’s name on it to wear to the party. To help facilitate trust with transparency, they also provide a breakdown of how their funds will be spent:

  • Shoes $2000
  • Clothes $5000
  • Juice $400
  • Bonbon $100
  • Games $500
  • Food $1000
  • Sounds equipment $500
  • Unforeseen $500


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Support Addiction Recovery at RU Recovery Ministries

About the Cause

RU Recovery Ministries is a “Faith-Based addiction recovery program that helps people overcome addictions.” Their campaign is called Faith-Based Recovery For America®. In addition to campaigning for Giving Tuesday, the organization is giving back to their local community through volunteerism.

Giving Tuesday Campaign

Their Giving Tuesday campaign will go toward general support for helping the addicted through our many programs including a residential program. Each donation is doubled by a partnering organization as well.

Uses of Give

RU Recovery uses Give to focus on recurring donations as well as for their general Giving Tuesday form.

RU Recovery Ministries

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Support the After School Program at Youth N.O.W.

Youth N.O.W. Giving Tuesday

About the Cause

Based in downtown Watsonville, CA, Youth N.O.W. is an after school student center offering middle school and high school aged youth a safe place to go after school and get academic and social/emotional support. It is the only organization in the Santa Cruz and Monterey County area offering no cost tutoring, homework help, and pro-social activities for youth.

Giving Tuesday Campaign

The goal for their #GivingTuesday campaign this year, is to increase general donations to help both the high school and middle school programs excel. They have created an event page to allow for potential Giving Tuesday donors to mark the date in their calendars.

Youth N.O.W.

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Ride with Special Needs Children with Norte Traverse City

norte amigos giving tuesday

About the Cause

Norte is an active transportation activism group that focuses on youth activities. They’re based in Northern Michigan where they advocate for safe bike paths and routes to schools, healthy living through active transportation, and youth empowerment.

”Our mission is to help build stronger, better connected and more walk/bike friendly communities by empowering the young and young at heart.”

Giving Tuesday Campaign

This Giving Tuesday, Norte is looking to enrich their empowerment program for kids with special needs. This program is called the Amigos.

”The Amigos operates as an in-school 4-week program, a Wheelhouse-based 6-week program, and a weekly summertime meet-up at the Clubhouse.”

Any donation, large or small, gets you into their Giving Tuesday party, hosted by a local business. They also have a donation-matching partner to help them incentivize the first $1000 in donations.


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Enhance the Theater The Marco Players

marco players theater Giving Tuesday

About the Cause

The Marco Players is a local Community Theater in Southwest Florida. In order to maintain affordable ticket prices, the theater relies on donations.

“With that, we celebrate live community theater, our volunteers and our community by saying, “It’s Time to Give!” On #GivingTuesday The Marco Players’ Theater pledges to continue to give our time and talent to produce top notch performances for the Southwest Florida community.”

Giving Tuesday Campaign

Their goal this Giving Tuesday is to raise $7,500 to cover the cost of two air conditioners for their building. “This was an emergency situation, not budgeted for but necessary especially in the Southwest Florida heat.”

They are also raising money to develop a Volunteer Policy Handbook and a Volunteer Training Program that will help 110 volunteers understand the expectations of their positions, as well as increase awareness of the arts and the mission of The Marco Players.

The Marco Players

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Support Campers at Rainbow Camp

LGBTQ Camp Giving Tuesday

About the Cause

Rainbow Camp “welcomes LGBTQ2+ youth from across Canada and the United States who are looking to experience summer camp, many for the first time.” The camp is is an “inclusive and non-judgemental space” where they try to include everyone, regardless of financial circumstances.

Giving Tuesday Campaign

The goal of this Giving Tuesday campaign is to fund camper fees for the 2019 season. A week of camp costs $1,500 per camper. Campers are asked to pay a $350 registration fee. All donations help cover these costs.

Uses of Give

The Welcome Friend Association used Give for their donation forms as well as a resource to build their Giving Tuesday campaign.

Rainbow Camp

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