GiveWP supports the PayPal Standard gateway within the free core plugin. The same is true for the GiveWP Recurring Donations Add-on. This document describes how PayPal Standard works with GiveWP and the Recurring Donations Add-on.

PLEASE NOTE: PayPal is deprecating the PayPal Standard Gateway. Going forward, the best way to take donations with PayPal is with our GiveWP PayPal Donations gateway.

See our Documentation Here. Learn more about PayPal Donations Here.

Recurring Donations supports PayPal Standard very well. But contrary to static-donations with PayPal Standard you’ll need just a little more setup to properly configure Recurring Donations with PayPal Standard.

Configuring PayPal Standard for Recurring Donations

You’ll need three things from your PayPal Standard account to properly configure GiveWP for Recurring Donations:

  • Live API Username
  • Live API Password
  • Live API Signature

PayPal-Profile-SettingsTo get these items, login to your PayPal Standard account, then hover over the “Profile” and click the link that says “Profile and Settings”.

Next go to “My Selling Tools”. From there click on “API Access”.

Then in the second box, called NVP/SOAP API integration, click on “View API Signature”.

From there you can copy and paste all three items you need:

  1. Live API Username
  2. Live API Password
  3. Live API Signature

Then hit Save and you’re all set!

Configure Your Donation Form

Now that you’re all set with PayPal Standard, all you need to do is configure your form to accept Recurring Donations.

Start at our Getting Started doc. That has all the info and links you need.

Troubleshooting issues with Recurring Donations On PayPal Standard

A key component of recurring donations showing up on the site from PayPal Standard is the Instant Payment Notification or IPN. See this exhaustive doc on troubleshooting IPN issues.