The Give Recurring Donations add-on has support for the Stripe Payment Gateway (both Stripe free and Stripe Premium). This allows you to accept recurring donations via Credit Card directly on your website. The following article how Stripe and recurring donations work together.

Configure the Webhook

Recurring donations with Stripe (both free and Premium versions of the GiveWP Stripe integration) rely on the webhook being configured correctly at Stripe. For detailed instructions on that, see that section of the Stripe (free) documentation on connecting your Stripe account to GiveWP.

In addition to the webhook helping the initial donation to be marked as complete, it is also critical for two other functionalities specific to recurring.

Recording Renewal Donations

Without the webhook configured, there’s no way for your GiveWP website to “hear from” Stripe that a renewal has taken place. The webhook alerts the site, and the recurring add-on uses that webhook data to add a renewal donation.

This information is also logged in the Give logs, so if you are not seeing renewals come in on Give’s side that are there on Stripe’s side, first check the logs at Donations > Tools > Logs to see if the webhook is sending data correctly.

Stopping limited renewals

If you’ve set a subscription to end after a certain number of renewals (a 12-month subscription, for example), the webhook configured at Stripe is a critical piece of the subscription actually being marked as completed and stopping charging the donor.

Without the webhook correctly configured at Stripe, donations on limited subscriptions will continue until manually cancelled either by a site admin or at the Stripe dashboard.