This import allows you to import your Give settings from a JSON file. Settings can either merge with your existing settings or merge with them.

The Give Settings Import Screen

The settings import has two settings to configure.

Choose a JSON file

Setting Type: Upload Field  (Required)

Click the “Choose File” button to select your Give settings JSON file from your local computer.

Merge Type

Setting Type: Radio buttons
Options: Merge  |  Replace

Choosing Merge will update your settings with any new settings found in the JSON file you chose. For example, you might have just installed an add-on like Tributes. If you upload a new JSON file that has Tributes settings in them, and choose the “Merge” option, then all your Give Core settings will not be changed, but your Tributes settings will be updated.

Choose “Replace” replaces all the settings in your site — use this option with caution.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Settings Import

If you want to import settings into a new site from an old site, then you’ll first need to export those settings from the old site. See our docs on the Give Export Settings feature here. Using that export will produce a Give Settings JSON file that you can import here.

Merging retains your existing settings, but updates any new settings you might have in your JSON file. This is best for when you just activated an add-on.