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Celebrating 100K With Friends and Give Swag

Wear your generosity proudly with Give swag, available in the new Give Swag store.

Last week at our 100K Celebration, we launched a brand new Give Swag Store!

That’s right! Give SWAG. You can get yours now from our shiny new swag store.

Get Give Swag

We also had an AWESOME time with all of our party attendees. Here are the highlights:

The #GiveWP100K Celebration 🥳

Our entire team was humbled and honored to see our friends, customers, fans, and community at the GiveWP 100K Celebration. This event was our way of celebrating everyone who helped our plugin reach 100,000 active users and it was as wonderful as we hoped it would be.

If you missed it, that’s okay! We still have a little bit of fun left for everyone.

We hosted our party on Gather, which allowed all attendees to get a real “in-person” experience through their screens.

The welcome lobby at the GiveWP 100K was filled with Team Give, in 8-bit avatar form and on camera, while partygoers started to arrive.

Once everyone was inside, they could walk up to (and away from) people just as they would in real life.

There were also plenty of chances to find hidden prizes, dance with friends, play games, buy swag, watch videos, and so much more. It was a blast for our entire team! And word on the Twittersphere is that it was a blast for our attendees, too.

A group of people gathered near the information area in the event to dance together using the Gather avatar dancing feature.


The Secret Room

One of the highlights of the party was getting to watch people discover ALL the secrets we hid in the event space…

A collage of various hidden rooms and mazes in the Gather.town space.

There were prizes, literally, everywhere. You could hardly go ten spaces without stumbling upon something fun.

Spending Time With Our Sponsors

Once everyone had time to wander sufficiently to satisfy their curiosities, we sat down for an information panel with our sponsors.

The keynote room filled with avatars and the Ninja Forms and WP Buffs sponsor banners on stage.


Topics were broad, ranging from company news to how all of our teams are handling pandemic life. Our sponsors were one of the best parts of the event and we can’t thank them enough for helping us make it special for everyone.



Celebrating Our Team

Most of our team was also in attendance for the entire event, which meant that you could see the faces of Team Give who usually hide behind the code.

After the sponsor session, we all gathered on stage to talk about our time on Team Give. Then, the dancing began again.

Team Give also gathered on stage as panelists, and in the crowd, people danced and cheered with emoji reactions.

Knowing we’re all part of a team so well-loved by our community was exhilarating for everyone. 💚

Team Give Exclusive Musicals

Last, but not least… we planted a few new exclusive Team Give musicals in the “South Carolina Office.”

In the South Carolina Office, we created a fantasy version of Ben's back yard where party attendees could watch the GiveWP shanty and ditty.

Once you arrived, you had the choice between the “Ditty” and the “Shanty.” Both are worth a watch.


Get Give Swag and Enter to Win an Exclusive Blanket!

If you missed the party, we’re still celebrating! You can still get all kinds of Give Swag and participate in the celebration online. We’re taking this to Twitter (or your social media platform of choice).

After you get your new Give swag, make sure you share a photo on social media with #GiveSwag! On March 1, 2021 we’ll randomly choose one person to win an exclusive blanket.

Good luck! We can’t wait to see all your swag photos.

Order Give Swag

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