Your donors care about your Cause. But they also care about their taxes. Providing annual receipts can be very taxing (pun intended). But with the new Give Annual Receipts add-on, it can be done for all your donors in a couple clicks.

What are Annual Receipts?

Annual receipts are a summary of all the donations an individual donor or business gave your organization over the course of a tax year. These can be stored by the donor in their records and provided to their accountant to make their tax deduction report easier and verifiable.

How Does the Give Annual Receipts Add-on Work?

A sample annual receipt showing the Give logo positioned at the top of the PDF.

If you are already familiar with Give, then you know that there is a dedicated Donation History page. Annual Receipts serve a very similar purpose, so we decided that they should be an extension of the Donation History table and functionality. This is useful for all existing Give users because this means that once you activate the add-on, and configure the basic settings you’re done — there are no shortcodes or anything additional you need to do.

When it’s time to notify your donors that their annual receipts are available, we recommend you simply email them in any way you already do, and point them to your Donation History page. From there, they can view, filter, and download a PDF of any year they have on record on your website.

A screencast showing how the donations are filtered with the links above the donation list.

Naturally, like all our add-ons, we have full documentation to explain every setting and any tips or caveats you should keep in mind as well.

Some Common Questions

I know many nonprofit organizations who prepare for months and months to send out their annual receipts. It’s a pain-point and a source of anxiety for them. So when we say “set your settings and you’re done!” it sounds a little too good to be true. Honestly, that’s what we hope you’ve come to expect from Give. But with that also comes some very important questions. Here’s some that we’ve heard from users already:

  1. Are all the PDFs stored on my server? Won’t that cost me a lot of server space?
    The receipts are not generated in bulk or stored on your site at all — ever. They are generated on the fly when the donor clicks on the download link and then downloaded to their computer only. The same is true if you navigate to that donor’s Donor Profile screen in your admin and download the PDF for them. This ensures that every time the PDF is downloaded, it contains the latest most accurate information. It also prevents you from storing all of that information on your website in a way that might be insecure or create liability.
  2. Can I send an individual Annual Receipt to a donor if they ask for it?
    Yes. Navigate to that donor’s Donor Profile under “Donations > Donors” and you’ll see a summary of their annual giving and a link to download their individual annual reports that you can download and send to them in any way you’d like.
  3. I’m a Plus Bundle license holder, do I have to buy Annual Receipts separately?
    As a Plus or Pro Bundle license holder, you get all our new add-ons for FREE the day they are released. Just login to our site and go to the “Downloads” tab in your account and you’ll see your new Annual Receipts download link and license key there already. Thanks for being a loyal Bundle customer!
  4. I only use the free Give plugin, can I just buy Annual Receipts and it will work?
    Absolutely. Every add-on we offer can be used with the free plugin and will work exactly as expected with the free gateways. Just navigate to our Annual Receipts product page and on the “Purchase Add-on” section, click on the link that says “or purchase just this add-on” and you’ll be able to purchase it individually.

Tell Us About Your Annual Receipts Plans

We’d love to hear how you plan to roll this out to all your donors. Give us a comment below and we’d be happy to share about your Cause and its use of Annual Receipts via our social channels.

Matt Cromwell

Matt is a co-author of Give and is Head of Support and Community Outreach for He loves writing docs and being "Generally helpful since birth".

2 responses to “How to Provide Your Donors Annual Receipts with Give

  1. Can I email PDFs automatically to all donors, rather than having to send an email to them and them having to click to the Donation History page?

    1. Not currently. Given how resource intense it is for your server to generate PDFs, and how unreliable bulk emails from WordPress can be, we felt this was the most stable and effective way to get the job done with maximum stability and ease of use.

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