Register as a CFC Charity to Get More Donations from US Federal Employees

The Combined Federal Campaign 2020 provides you with a captive audience made of all US Government Employees. Here's how to participate.
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What if you could have all U.S. Government Employees as a captive audience to learn about your cause? That’s exactly what the Combined Federal Campaign 2020 provides for you. Here’s how you can participate in the program.

There are rules and regulations against generally soliciting federal employees on workplace grounds. It’s something all charities used to be able to do, but are no longer allowed.

The alternative introduced was the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) – an annual mass fundraising campaign including hundreds of charities that targets all federal employees.

Registering as one of the CFC Charities allows you access to over 9 million people who might not otherwise see your organization. It’s a captive audience for lack of a better word.

What is The Combined Federal Campaign?

Way back when, federal employees (particularly the military), all picked up their paychecks on the same day from the same location. And it wasn’t against the rules to solicit them on federal grounds. So, charities flocked to these sites. It was guaranteed visibility to a captive audience.

Prior to the 1950’s, on-the-job fundraising in the federal workplace was an uncontrolled free-for-all. Agencies, charities, and employees were all ill-used and dissatisfied…

Even with the frequency of on-the-job solicitations, total receipts for charitable causes that were worthy of employee support were minor. In many cases, employees donated their pocket change.
CFC Charities

Finally, in 1964, regulations preventing these issues were in place and the US held its first Combined Federal Campaigns. The experiment launched in six cities, “consolidating all drives into one.” Years later, we have improved and expanded the Combined Federal Campaign in the United States.

Why Your Nonprofit Should Apply for the Combined Federal Campaign 2020

While the Combined Federal Campaign decreased solicitation and dissatisfaction among federal employees, it increased overall giving. Now employees don’t feel as pressured, but they are still a captive audience.

Everyone that works for the United States government will see the campaign. They all have to receive the information. Some branches of the military even have to respond with a “yes” or “no.” They aren’t allowed to ignore it.

To see how it looks from the donor side, we spoke with a few government employees. The first was a former Battalion Level CFC Officer in the US Army. His duty was to ensure everyone in his battalion filled out the CFC forms and to provide an hour-long class on how to fill out the forms.

The second person we spoke to was another military officer in the Air Force. He said that all employees have to be given the information, but not all need to respond. So, it isn’t the same in every branch of the government or military. But all of them receive a pamphlet with every single charity in it. Employees and/or military personnel who give are also given gifts. They receive plaques, medals, desk ornaments, etc. So there are incentives to give as well.

The CFC pamphlet includes a few key details about your organization. It provides information on what you do any how much of your funds go directly to the cause. B.

How to Become a CFC Charity

The CFC is one of the most vetted campaigns. The US government wants to ensure that money donated is properly allocated to legitimate organizations.

To qualify for the Combined Federal Campaign 2020, you will need a series of documents and details. The CFC Charities website has the most information on this process. The North Virginia chapter even created a video on why and how to become a CFC Charity.

The deadline for the Combined Federal Campaign 2020 is January 31, 2020.

Depending on your type of organization, you will the following documents and information:

Indep. Member
Supporting Documentation Required
Entered Schedule of Services (OPM Form 1647-A Attachment A)
Entered List of federation members (OPM Form 1647-B Attachment A)
PDF Upload IRS affirmation letter, as required by 5 CFR §950.202(a)(2)(i)
PDF Upload CEO letter certifying bonafide chapter or affiliate status, as required by 5 CFR §950.202(a)(2)(ii)
PDF Upload Religious Organization Directory Listing, as required by 5 CFR §950.202(a)(2)(iii)
PDF Upload Commander’s verification Letter, as required by 5 CFR §950.202(a)(2)(iv)
PDF Upload Documentation of Legal Name or “Doing Business As” (dba) Name(if submitting a name other than the IRS-recognized legal name)
PDF Upload Audited financial statements (Attachment B)(required of organizations with total revenue of $250,000 or greater)
PDF Upload Reviewed financial statements (Attachment B)(required of organizations with total revenue of $100,000 or greater, but less than $250,000; audited financial statements may be submitted in lieu of reviewed financial statements)
PDF Upload IRS Form 990 or pro forma IRS Form 990 (Attachment C)
PDF Upload List of Board Members (OPM Form 1647-B Attachment D)

The CFC website has more detailed information on how to apply and guides you through the process.

Join the Combined Federal Campaign 2020 by visiting the CFC Charities official website.

Join the CFC Charities in 2020

There is a fee, but applying for the CFC is worth it for any United States nonprofit that qualifies. Gather your documents and fees to register before the deadline. The Combined Federal Campaign 2020 deadline is January 31, 2020.

Read to apply? Create your CFC Charities account now and get started.

If you’re not ready yet, download the checklist for your type of organization:

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