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7 Keys to Giving Tuesday Success During the Coronavirus Pandemic

This Giving Tuesday, almost everyone will be online. How can your campaign stand out during the Coronavirus Pandemic?
7 Keys to Giving Tuesday Success During the Coronavirus Pandemic - Featured Image

Standing out on Giving Tuesday is always challenging, but this year presents an entirely new setting for the giving season. More nonprofits have to rely on online fundraising than ever before.

Giving Tuesday looks different for every organization, but there are many who usually hold in-person events and galas. However, organizations are continuing to cancel physical events due to the pandemic, leaving fundraisers to solve a big problem. How do you move your Giving Tuesday campaign online if it wasn’t already and how do you stand out in the crowded digital world?

1. Make Your Website Appealing and Include Online Giving

First and foremost, you cannot go digital without a web address: your website. It needs to be even more appealing than anything you could create in person. So, make sure you build your website on a solid foundation.

We recommend using WordPress for online fundraising. It’s one of the more affordable ways to both set up your website and accept online donations. It’s also easy to use and maintain.

Once you have a site, you also need to make sure you can accept online donations. Raising money online means making it as easy to give as possible for your donors. If you need to find an online fundraising platform for your cause before Giving Tuesday, GiveWP can help you get up and running in minutes.

2. Start Early and Follow a Plan With a Team

Even if you’ve scaled back your Giving Tuesday plans this year, it’s important to start early and plan ahead. There is a lot involved in planning even a simple online fundraiser. You need to get the word out in a variety of ways, create digital marketing materials, and test your donation forms.

Taylor, Matt, and Kirkland from the GiveWP Content Team.

You should also try to form a team. Even if you are traditionally a one-person team, Giving Tuesday is always more successful with extra hands.

Our Giving Tuesday Resource Hub has everything you need to plan your campaign from start to finish. There you’ll find a comprehensive Giving Tuesday Workbook, short guide, webinars, and landing page templates.

Part of the planning process is coming up with a campaign idea that stands out. The Giving Tuesday Workbook has everything you need to brainstorm with your team and come up with campaign branding, messaging, and well-crafted donation asks.

3. Reach Out for Partnerships

Boost your exposure this Giving Tuesday with strategic partnerships. These can be with businesses or other organizations. You might be surprised how much an element of comradery or competition might boost your fundraising income this year.

The City Mission Featured Image - Giving Tuesday Success
In 2019, The City Mission held a fundraising competition with a similar organization in a neighboring town and raised $45,000 in sixteen hours.

Think outside the box for ways you might be able to partner with other organizations, even if their mission is similar to your own.

4. Hold a Virtual Rally

Make some noise using your supporters on Giving Tuesday by hosting a virtual rally. You might raise more money this way, but the main idea is that your cause will be loud.

To make sure that your cause is heard over the noise, include these elements in your rally:

  1. Add social sharing to your donation confirmation page using the multi-step form template options or the free simple social shout add-on.
  2. Use a unique hashtag for your organization and event. Come up with something that is clear, concise, and easy to remember.
  3. Build shareable moments and calls-to-action into your rally agenda, asking your viewers to share the rally, invite others, and let their support be known.

These steps will ensure that you not only are heard online on Giving Tuesday, but also that your cause has lasting social proof. Social proof is important to inspire others to give.

If you need help planning your virtual rally, the Giving Tuesday Organization has a guide to help you.

5. Segment Your Emails with Precision

It’s no secret that segmenting your emails will increase their effectiveness. Make sure that this year, you’re even more intentional about how you speak to each segment. And, make sure you can segment your emails. Some GiveWP marketing add-ons allow you to add donors to your email marketing lists when they give and specify tags based on the donation form.

Every brand is trying to stand out right now through online channels, especially email. Your cause needs to be the most genuine and this is easiest to do when you segment your emails well and speak to your specific audiences.

Our Giving Tuesday email templates are a good place to start, but try to get creative. How can you stand out using your email lists?

6. Don’t Forget the Tech Check

Your online donation platform is everything this Giving Tuesday. Don’t forget to check your forms and every other piece of technology you will rely on that day. It’s also useful to make sure you have a “webmaster,” or someone who can quickly fix any technical issue with your website, on hand.

As an election year in the United States, hacking is on the rise, especially for websites that accept donations. Make sure everything on your site is updated and well-protected before Giving Tuesday.

7. Use Visual Media

Get extremely creative with your visual materials this year. Whether or not you have the skills for video and graphic editing, you need to try. There are apps to help you with nearly any digital visual media need, no matter your skill level. The Giving Tuesday Organization also always has resources available on their website.

Save the Date #GivingTuesday: December 1, 2020

It’s important to remember to use video as well. Videos are much more engaging and they give your campaign a face as well as a voice.

Good Luck This Giving Tuesday

Happy fundraising this Giving Tuesday! Don’t forget to get our Giving Tuesday Workbook from the Resource Hub.

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